Jennifer Schneider, the Head Solutions Architect at Cheshire Impact and Salesforce Pardot thought leader, outlines how to use the Connected Campaigns Pardot feature to improve attribution reporting in Salesforce Pardot. This beginner-friendly session guides companies through the strategic decisions required to get better out of the box functionality from B2BMA reports. You’ll improve your visibility into how prospects go from asset engagement to the opportunity won, and the types of custom reporting dashboards you have available in Pardot and Salesforce.

You get a complete strategy roadmap that covers the order of operations you need to take to enable all relevant features, allowing you to understand how all of these pieces fit together for ROI. Jennifer explains how to structure your Salesforce campaign hierarchy so that you align all your reporting for better attribution. This successful methodology offers a streamlined and impeccably organized campaign structure and asset allocation. Everything from the Pardot folder structure to the Campaign Influence feature is covered, giving you all the information you need to get started.

What You Will Learn

1:59 Connected Campaigns Pre-Planning

7:29 Pardot Folder Structure

10:34 Creating a simple Salesforce campaign hierarchy

14:29 Legacy Pardot campaigns

15:10 Folder and naming conventions 

16:30 Understanding Campaign Engagement History

20:39 Custom Report Types

23:39 Enabling Campaign Influence

26:48 B2BMA dashboards

29:19 The Engagement dashboard

30:30 The Marketing Manager Dashboard

34:50 Building Lighting dashboards in Salesforce

37:07 Q&A

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