To better understand Job dependencies, define a Cohort.

A Cohort is time-bounded and requires selecting a "Cohort Property". Currently supports a Cohort Property of "Tables touched by" which helps you analyze the tables that your Jobs interact with, over time.

Cohorts allow you to define a cohort in terms of whether a table has been touched by a specific Job within the last day, week, or month. This means that the cohort's membership changes over time. 

Let's look at an example. You could define a 'Daily Active Tables' cohort as Tables that have had at least one query touch them in the past day. Notice that the set of tables changes over time. If the Cohort time was expanded to say, 7 days, the number of tables would most likely increase.

Analysis Preview

The Analysis Preview box shows a snippet of the most active tables within that cohort. The number to the right of the tables indicates the number of times that table has been touched by a query in the past 7 days.

Create a new Cohort

Filter by Table Property

A Cohort can be filtered by a table property. The table property filter is applied after the Cohort membership is calculated.

Edit a Cohort

Select the arrow next to the Cohort name to delete or rename. You can also rename a Cohort by clicking into the name and hitting 'Enter'.