Data warehouse analytics tells you what you want to know - discover who is touching your data, how jobs are performing, and crucial dependencies between queries and tables so you can take action.

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Why do I need data warehouse analytics?

Analytics teams have shifted their focus from traditional reporting and BI to building data products that integrate with business operations and new digital solutions. The shift is the result of three major trends - zero admin warehouses, data modeling and specialization. With data now the product - analytics teams need to understand how users engage with the data they prepare, so they can manage their customers’ experience.

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Auto-capture automatically captures and stores metadata on jobs, tables, and users, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Build custom reports for the workloads that matter for you

Drill-down into specific queries and get SQL recommendations

Create a data access history / audit trail for any users or app

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Integrates with your favorite tools unmasks the identity of end-users and models that connect to your data warehouse. It works by introspecting SQL text and storing the metadata as a property of the job.

Unmask the individual end-users & models running jobs

Add custom properties for your in-house modeling and ETL apps

Create reports on dozens of query metrics for individual models and end-users

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Table Dependencies

Our query parser surfaces the tables and columns your queries touch so you can see dependencies between users, models and tables.

Find the most active, and unused models and tables

Understand data access patterns of users and jobs

See the table dependencies for users and workflows

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Behavioral analysis

Use cohort analysis to see trends in data access patterns and how users engage with data over time.

Analyze how users and apps are engaging with tables.

See retention and conversion of tables and models

Understand which tables & models are most used, or not being used

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No-code setup is a SaaS product that collects metadata from your data warehouse with absolutely zero coding required. We never need access to data you've copied into your data warehouse.

5-minutes setup - all you need is a user login and password

Easy, menu-based navigation to create reports

No additional overhead on your data warehouse

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Save countless developer hours with our automated, scalable, reliable ETL pipeline.