The Fastest Real-Time
Data Replication Available

Unify all of your data for analytics that deliver real-time, insight driven Go-to-Markets

  • Replicate your data every 60-seconds
  • Create a single source of analytics & reporting
  • Build powerful dashboards with your data
  • Easily scale your data for any environment

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Hours You will probably like us if your use case involves
  • Savings
    Salesforce Integration
    Our bi-directional Salesforce connector rocks!
  • Hours
    File Data Preparation
    Automate file data ingestion, cleansing, and normalization.
  • Savings
    REST API Ingestion
    We’ve yet come across an API we can’t ingest from!
  • Productivity
    Database Replication
    Power data products with 60-second CDC replication.

Hours We may not be a good fit if you’re looking for
  • Savings
    100s of Native Connectors
    We’re not in the connectors race, sorry. We do quality, not quantity.
  • Hours
    Code-heavy Solution
    We exist for users that don’t like spending their days debugging scripts.
  • Savings
    Self-serve Solution
    A Solution Engineer will quickly tell you if we’re a good fit. Then lean on us as much or as little as you like.
  • Productivity
    Trigger-based Pipelines
    We don’t do trigger or event-based pipelines. We can schedule ETL pipelines for every 5 minutes and CDC pipelines for every 60-seconds.
What Our ELT & CDC Customers Say...
  • Ensure Data Quality
    star star star star star
    “Awesome ELT Tool No code tool, easy to set up/use, nice schedules, price balance!“
    Diego Polo
    Business Intelligence Architect
  • Ensure Data Quality
    star star star star
    “An efficient, effective, & complete marketing analytic solution. ELT helps manage data effectively and saves our development team lots of time.“
    Nikhil R.
    Senior HR Recruiter, Althrm
  • Ensure Data Quality
    star star star star star
    “Fast, clean & transparent replication. ELT had an immediate impact on our data analytics efforts, now even non-tech savvy people can get their analytics results.“
    Punit S.
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Ensure Data Quality
Ultimate Data Security
Simplified Regulatory Compliance
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