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Develop a tailored view of your Salesforce customer data, acquisition, and billing with’s bi-directional Salesforce connector.

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  • Bi-directional Connection supports Salesforce and Heroku as both a data source and destination, meaning you can extract data from and load data to your Salesforce, Heroku Connect, and Heroku Postgres accounts.
  • Enrich Your Salesforce Data
    Bring together data from Salesforce, Heroku, and any of’s 200+ data sources and destinations, on the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure. Then transform and cleanse the data before sending it to Salesforce.

We had struggled for years with writing in-house scripts...A new teammate recommended checking out and I couldn't believe how easy yet powerful it was. Now anybody on our team can create data pipelines to get additional data into Salesforce. The rich transformation layer solves so many data cleansing problems!

Salesforce AppExchange Review
Salesforce AppExchange Review
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  • Rapid Implementation
    On-boarding a new tool to your team can take over a month to implement. Get data pipelines set up in hours with streamlined no-code and low-code implementation. Get your whole team fully implemented within a week.
  • Simple Pipeline Set-up
    You spend hours setting up a data pipeline, and there is a high probability of error.'s pipelines will save you time and money, reduce errors, and give you peace of mind. Create a more efficient data pipeline with
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Heroku Connect
Heroku Postgres
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  • 360 Customer Insights
    Understanding your customer is the most important part of a business. Get a complete view of your customer data to improve customer experiences, increase engagement, and reduce churn.
  • Zero Maintenance handles the ops while you use our pre-built data sources and destinations to make it fast and easy to deploy quality Salesforce data pipelines. Stop wasting time with manual data entry and give your developers their time back with
Common Integrations

Before every Monday, our consultant was spending 3 ½ hours to manually do the reporting. It was insane. With, any analysis I want to do is just instant. It’s like a little miracle every day.

Joe Marcus
Joe Marcus
Director of Analytics
Rightsizing Your Salesforce ETL Solution

If you’ve outgrown Salesforce Data Loader and the Salesforce Data Import Wizard, and need a more optimal solution in terms of data warehousing and analytics, this webinar will guide you along your ETL journey. From industry trends to tips on how to select the best integration platform for your unique needs, keep this on-hand to better support upcoming integration projects.

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Ensure Data Quality

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