What’s New On

May 2024

May 2024

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Added a new String Qualifier option: None (with line ending option). With this option user can set CRLF line ending option with none as a string qualifier.

  • Added new option Ingest large Excel file for Excel files, when checked it enables to process large files.

  • Zip file ingestion on File Storage source

    • Automatically ingest zip file when the file path suffix ends with .zip

    • Supported record types: delimited values, JSON, Raw, XML

    • Able to stream password-protected zip files. Leaves password field blank if no password


  • Viewpoint

    • API pagination support added

  • Toast

    • API pagination support added


Releases & Updates

  • Add 50% threshold for Monthly Usage notification mailer

  • Style and usability updates on Settings pages

  • Usage dashboard

    • Ability to create reports to filter by specific pipeline/s and table/s


  • Snowflake

    • Add override to use TIMESTAMP_NTZ on date fields

    • Add avro LogicalTypes to support date strings

  • MySQL

    • Add override to support date strings from source

  • Salesforce

    • Bulk API - Update continuous sync resets on successful run

    • Add tables to not supported by connector

    • New data mappings for Redshift/S3 & Snowflake destination

  • Facebook Pages

    • Uses a separate CONFIG_ID

    • Deprecated fields removed

    • dateRange option has been added (default set to 7)

  • BingAds

    • Update schema and overview docs

Apr 2024

April 2024

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Automatically replace . character with _ in salesforce source component field alias

  • Rails upgrade

  • Package Variables (Secrets)

    • We can now store secrets on the package for sensitive variables such as tokens, API keys, passwords, etc. Only the last 4 characters are viewable upon saving the package and these are encrypted in our database. Secrets are only supported on dataflows, and cannot be overwritten on the workflow or schedule level for simplicity.


  • Snowflake

    • Memory issue (when previewing schema) updates

  • Oracle connectors 

    • test connection/preview updates

  • File Storage

    • Package system var (_FS_IGNORE_MISSING_INPUT_EXCEPTIONS) supports Excel

  • Salesforce

    • Reference object in destination component

  • Database destination

    • Added an option beside the Auto-fill to lowercase / uppercase letters — particularly useful for Snowflake warehouse.


Releases & Updates

  • Released Data Observability compare metric feature

  • Updated frontend libraries

  • Scheduled Replication

    • Allow 6, 8 & 12hrs sync frequency to set an anchor time

    • Pipeline sync delay monitoring on cron schedule

  • Updates how CSS styles are written for part of the app


  • Facebook Pages

    • Update OAuth flow

    • Upgrade API version

  • Salesforce V2

    • Continuous sync runs executing simultaneously

  • Marketo

    • Updated pagination

Mar 2024

March 2024

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Sources with Query Mode

    • Implemented pre-loading of Query box

  • Search Bar 

    • Fixed an issue when the package name has certain special characters

  • Angular upgrade


  • File Storage

    • We now support ingesting of parquet file(s) from source component

  • Snowflake

    • Null String option for destination component 

    • String fields that match this value will be replaced with NULL. Default value is \N

    • JDBC upgrade

  • Facebook 

    • Update to v19

  • Offstreet API

    • New pagination support added

  • HubSpot

    • Object/fields fetching updates on destination

  • BigQuery

    • Introduce BigQuery’s Bag datatype enforce casting option. 

    • This is to address issue when loading Bag datatype generated from function e.g. TOBAG in the transformation component.


Releases & Updates

  • Scheduled Replication feature

    • Allow customer to set a fixed sync time for pipelines on 24hrs replication

    • Documentation available here


  • Google Analytics

    • Fix table with extra dimensions

    • Add rate limit error handling

    • Fix issue with invalid metric

    • Fix issues with Behavior Overview & Acquisition Overview reports

  • Snowflake

    • Add support for schema rename

  • Facebook Ads

    • Update API version from v14 to v19

  • S3

    • Allows customers to sync files in S3 buckets for the following formats, as well as their compressed gzip and bzip2 versions:

      • CSV

      • TSV

      • TXT

      • JSON

      • Additional formats supported on request

Feb 2024

February 2024

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Queued jobs view

    • We now show the number of queued and running jobs per cluster

  • Save search query params in URL after opening and closing jobs modal

  • Pipeline details view - Show usage statistics starting from 0:00 UTC time

  • Update Rails version

  • Package Designer - 

    • Removed grey dead area when zooming out

  • Angular update

  • Excel (.xls) File Storage loader updates

  • Search Update

    • Updated to Phrase Search to deliver more relevant search results

    • Added highlights for search keywords in results


  • Chargify

    • New pagination support added

  • Rest API 

    • Source’s fields (Raw response type) updates

  • Google Ads

    • Add missing fields fixes on AdsV15

  • Parcel lab API

    • New pagination support added

  • Swapi API

    • New pagination support added

  • City Spark API

    • Pagination support updated

  • LinkedIn Connection

    • Updated Linkedin oauth gem

  • TikTok Connection

    • Updated TikTok oauth gem

  • HubSpot Destination

    • Data type parsing updates

  • Salesforce Source

    • We now show a schema mismatch prompt on query mode if the ordering of the fields is incorrect, as it causes data integrity issues. We’ve also removed re-ordering, removal, and adding of fields, similar to the file storage source.


Releases & Updates

  • Fix the IDOR vulnerability on the hooks feature

  • Add validation for the ownership of dependent resources


  • MySQL

    • Add text length constraints to TEXT columns for Snowflake destination

    • GTID improvements

    • Deprecated isGtidMode override and replaced by replicationMode

    • Added support for XID event

    • Added gtid_executed validation

    • Only GTID of monitored tables will be saved

  • Snowflake

    • Fix bug where schema name is not reflected on the source form

    • Added noColumnQuotes override to not use quotes in column names

  • PostgreSQL connector

    • Fixed indexing issue caused by generic columns

    • Upgrade pg-subscription-stream library which will upgrade pg-copy-streams to latest version

    • For Redshift destinations, truncate string to Redshift’s max length on string columns

Jan 2024

January 2024

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Rails version upgrade

  • File Mover functionality

    • Task component in Workflow

    • Full documentation available here

  • Queued Job status

    • Users can now see if the job is actually running or if it’s waiting for cluster resources. Some notes below:

      • Queued status - Job is waiting for cluster resources and hasn’t started running yet

      • Running status - Job is actually running

      • Runtime is now the actual runtime of the job though not retroactive (jobs before the deployment still show queued time + run time)

      • There are now three timestamps for a Completed job. Created, Started, and Completed

  • Job Transition from Queued to Stopped State

    • Addressed an issue where stopping jobs directly from a queued state was not a valid transition. The fix ensures that the job state transition logic behaves as expected

  • Note component is movable using both white and yellow areas, also it updates its height and width after text change

  • Note components are ignored in auto-aligning functionality


  • Salesforce 

    • Bulk API 2.0 - line endings updates

  • File Storage

    • XML file loader on source component

      • “End of File” needs to be selected as record delimiter

      • “Base Record XML Key” must be specified

    • No longer need to flatten and parse XML data as BAG, we can now call XPath to parse each attribute of the record

    • Full documentation available here

  • Webgains

    • New pagination support added


Releases & Updates

  • Process pipeline events in background to avoid unnecessary response wait time

  • Show detailed error message on test connection


  • Snowflake

    • Temporarily remove validation on table due to casing issues

    • Fix issue when adding multiple columns

    • Add validation to check if table exists before adding columns

  • Redshift

    • Truncate the object string values for specific source connectors

  • MySQL

    • Use unnamed timezone instead of named in MySQL connection validation

  • Salesforce

    • Add automatic backoff on long-running fetches for BULK API

    • Update default timeout for BULK job completion

    • Fixes on continuous sync state

    • Fixes on edit source / add re-authenticate button on the dashboard

    • Show excluded columns in multiple rows

  • SQL Server

    • Add proper error handling during the validation

  • Airtable

    • Upgrade from API key authentication to OAuth2 (due to API key deprecation by the end of January 2024)

Dec 2023

December 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • New User Management module for more granular access levels (documentation here)

  • Validation for archiving packages

    • Added validation to prevent archival of a package if associated with schedule(s)

  • Added pending jobs count when calculating number of jobs on a cluster for scheduler load balancing strategy to avoid unbalanced jobs distribution


  • Google Ads

    • Ads v14 updates

    • Ads v15 release

  • Salesforce 

    • Bulk API 2.0 - output error updates

    • Bulk API 2.0 - null values updates



  • SQL Server

    • Backpressure mechanism for low memory consumption

    • Support string chunking

    • Fixes on continuous sync

    • Fixes for admin console queries

    • Support custom primary key tables

  • Snowflake connector

    • Add validation for future ownership grants on schema

    • Improve error logging when resync is needed

  • Google Search Console

    • YAML definition fixes/allow URI encoding on dependencies

  • MySQL

    • Allow syncing of custom PK tables with chunking

    • Fix initial sync row count

  • PostgreSQL

    • Fix initial sync row count

Nov 2023

November 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Workspaces Dashboard

    • Optimized how we compute the packages’ metadata on the Workspaces list dashboard to reduce load time for accounts with a large number of Workspaces

  • Salesforce Bulk API 2.0 - Error output CSV

  • Schedule Modal

    • Fixed an issue where modals are sometimes being closed if there are multiple users navigating on the schedule modals

  • Enabled Workspaces feature by default for all customers


  • Salesforce Bulk API 2.0

    • Error output CSV update

  • Google Ads

    • Updated to v14

  • GA4

    • Variable name updates


Releases & Updates

  • Support for PrivateLink added

  • Set Parallel Sync as default for pipelines using Snowflake as a destination

  • Add a check condition for CDC rows schema selection page to remove the error in the logs

  • Update the default nullable setting for the columns in converters

  • Add toggle to reset binlog state when resyncing tables through the dashboard

  • Modify notifications to show if the state has been reset when performing a resync action


  • SQLServer

    • Fix for tables without a non-integer primary key

    • Fixes for the connector to support parallel sync on large databases

  • Postgres 

    • Fix for tables without a non-integer primary key

  • Salesforce V2 fixes

    • Refactor Streaming API sync

  • Mandrill Connector

    • Set URLs table as unsupported since the endpoint was deprecated

    • Fix issues for the subaccounts table

  • Salesforce Connectors

    • Fix the backpressure mechanism to avoid duplicate records

  • Secure Tunnel (VPN Tunnel)

    • Add advanced options to set custom SSH user & custom SSH port

Oct 2023

October 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • PostgreSQL database upgrade

  • Angular update to dashboard

  • Update to coreDNS and Pod disruption budgets for improved cluster reliability

  • Added 1 hour idle time to sandbox clusters

  • Component Previewer EU intermediate storage upgrade

  • Update to host change plugin application


  • REST API Connector

    • Added PUT and PATCH Http method support

  • BigQuery

    • Functionality for deleting BigQuery staging tables

  • Salesforce Bulk API 2.0

    • Relationships fields issue updates


Releases & Updates

  • New dashboard UI release

  • Responsive Web Design - application is now usable on mobile phones


  • Snowflake

    • Update the AWS role storage locations to support list of values

    • Change AWS S3 role creation flow for Snowflake

    • Delete events updates

    • Updates on queries for column names

  • GA4 Export

    • Report option updates

  • Postgres

    • Improve connection error messages

  • Google Ads

    • Upgrade version to v14

    • Automatic multi-account sync

  • Azure Postgres

    • Setup guide - Single Server & Flexible Server

  • SQL Server

    • Support for timestamp and row version data types

    • Datetimeoffset data type support

  • Salesforce connector

    • Sync data from REST/Bulk/Streaming API through same connector

    • Deprecate previous Salesforce connectors (Salesforce CDC, Salesforce REST/Bulk)

Sep 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Mailer alerts for consumption-based pricing model customers

  • SSL cert migration to Heroku Automated Certificate Management

  • PostgreSQL upgrade testing, maintenance window on 15th of October (Sunday) from 18:30 to 19:30 Tokyo time


  • Salesforce Bulk API 2.0 for destination 

    • To support more streamlined and optimized workflow. (Updated KB here). In this version, we:

      • Disable “Batch size” option as it’s now automatically handled by Salesforce.

      • Outputting failed records is not supported yet.


Releases & Updates

  • Monthly Mailer

    • Updated case issue where job wasn’t triggering as expected

  • EU region production support for high-volume traffic

  • Turn off GTID by default on new pipelines

  • Change threshold value to the percentage value on the billing notification email


  • Snowflake

    • Changed some of the error messages from ‘info’ to ‘error’ level

    • Added the trimming of the values to the max length value allowed by Snowflake during the creation of the columns

    • Updated the max length on SQL Server being interpreted incorrectly

    • Snowflake error logging improvements

  • All Connectors

    • User can now reauthenticate sources in the edit view

  • GA4 Export connector

    • Allows customer to pull raw GA4 data from BigQuery after setting up GA4 BigQuery Export

  • Netsuite Connector

    • Added error logging

    • Increase timeout on requests

    • Remove the InventoryDetail table

  • Google Ads Connector

    • Fix data mismatch issue

  • MySQL

    • JSON datatype is replicated to Redshift as VARCHAR and will be truncated if it exceeds VARCHAR max length

  • SQL Server

    • Update pooling query formatting

Aug 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • ETL and IIO Dashboard redesign release

  • Software patch update for Jetty

  • Error log summary explanation feature now enabled for all accounts

  • Temporary staging table updates to avoid race condition

  • Connections/Packages/schedules etc lists are now full-width on the screen filling all the space


  • Salesforce

    • Package validation on source

    • Destination - removed case sensitivity on Auto-Fill button. Will now auto-fill fields as long as the incoming fields alias is the same and not case sensitive.

    • Bulk API 2.0 for source - to support more streamlined and optimized workflow. In this version, we:

      • Introduce “Max records” - specify number of records per pages to prevent timeout

      • Disable “PK Chunking” option

  • MongoDB

    • Merge operation _id updates

  • Snowflake

    • Destination - load empty data as null option

  • HubSpot

    • Destination’s new system variable: _HUBSPOT_API_REQUEST_MAX_RETRIES

  • Paginations

    • Beauhurst

    • CitySpark

  • Google Analytics (GA4)

    • Added documentation on the Connection creation modal


Releases & Updates

  • Pipeline Engine Update

  • Released version auto update

  • Billing Mailer - new opt-in feature, which allows customers to get notified when they surpass certain percentages of their monthly volume limit.

  • Bulk selection for tables

    • You can type comma separate table names in the input instead of clicking checkboxes for each item to select given tables.


  • MySQL 

    • Removed RELOAD from required permissions

    • Upgraded library for large data volume timeouts

    • Add backoff retry support on retryable errors

    • Added new logging metrics for MySQL and S3 write duration

Jul 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Improved Job Error Debugging With Error Log Summaries

    • Receive AI-generated summary of job error log to pinpoint reason for failure

  • Job load balancing option on scheduler

    • Ability to reuse cluster with the least number of jobs running

  • Google Service Account Json Key validation fixes

    • Allowing universe_domain in JSON key

  • Auto-map workspace when importing package JSON

    • Automatically assigning the package to a workspace based on the name

  • DB Source Component

    • Updated where the values on Table mode isn’t being removed when switching to Query mode which causes jobs to fail

  • Create Major Version

    • Updated where it removes the last few changes when creating a major version

  • Create Connection Forms

    • Added a modal to refer to our documentation for setup instructions

  • Heroku Addon V3

  • Workspace auto-mapping on package import JSON

  • Mitigations from pentest in re-test

  • SOC 2 tests and evidence collection

  • Password limit on Rest API component connection (up to 128 characters in length)


  • Microsoft Excel 

  • Facebook Marketing API update to v17

  • Netsuite JDBC upgrades to

  • Paginations

    • Survio


Releases & Updates

  • Validation server certificate update

  • Mitigations from pentest in re-test

  • SOC 2 tests and evidence collection

  • Github connector validation fixes

  • Parsing the latest position when a GTID set contains multiple positions.

  • Adds tinyint and smallint as datatypes for number like primary keys.

  • Version fetching for MariaDB > 11


  • GA360

  • Snowflake connector

    • Fixed permission validation bug when database, warehouse or schema name are the same

  • Shopify connector

    • Auto retry on SSLv3 connection error

  • MySQL connector 

    • GTID support fixes and configurations net_read_timeout , net_write_timeout and wait_timeout are no longer mandatory for test connection

    • Show only warning if non-mandatory configurations are not set to recommended values for test connection Dashboard

  • Updated password policy

    • Enforced new password policy on password update / signup (at least 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase,  1 number, and min. 12 characters)

Jun 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • SSO

    • Updated cases for handling camel-cased emails

  • Updated Workspaces view with pagination support

  • AWS marketplace signup and billing updates

  • RSS feed updates

  • API key retrieval without password update

  • Package variables saving updates


  • HubSpot Destination

    • Custom objects and properties supports

  • Google Spanner Data Boost

  • Netsuite 

    • SOAP validation updates

  • Salesforce

    • Multi-reference column support

  • Paginations

    • LeadFeeder

    • TST Vandale


Releases & Updates

  • Add PIPELINE_ERRORED event tracking

  • New metric gauge which calculates the binlog lag based on the latest record received

  • Deployed SSH Tunnel feature

  • Updated session expiration to 12 hours

  • Add new pipeline events to logging feature

  • OAuth token leakage fix

  • Add the collection name to the error object to identify the collection to remove from sync temporarily

  • Release of hooks feature for notifications

  • Add a validation run before the force-start pipeline action on staff view

  • Make SSH tunnel as default and move it to first option

  • Add security response headers


  • MariaDB

    • 10.6 support

    • Validation support for BINLOG MONITOR and REPLICA MONITOR grants for 10.5.8 and above

    • Convert array and bbject to string

  • Salesforce 

    • String PK chunking support

  • GA4

May 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Global variables on account level

    • We now support global variables creation at account level. It can be modified from Account Settings -> Global Variables

  • Package version on jobs list 

    • We now show the particular version of the package that ran on the jobs list (and clicking on it views the particular version of the package read-only)

  • Global variables validation function 

    • We are now validating the value or expression of global variables when saving. Please note that creating a global variable using values from other global variables as reference is currently not supported.

  • Released schema-importer OOM fixes

  • EKS upgrades

  • API

    • Security updates for bug bounty reports


  • BigQuery 

    • Complex datatype support - load MAP datatype from source to BQ (as BQ’s JSON datatype)

  • GA4 

    • Error logging with Property ID

    • Introduced backoff retry mechanism with maximum attempts system variable (_GA4_API_REQUEST_MAX_ATTEMPTS default: 3). This is to address issue when customer exceed their quota limits.

    • Rate limit workaround

  • Google Ads

    • Stability improvement. Customers might need to increase _ADWORDS_API_REQUEST_READ_TIMEOUT in order to adhere with these changes (especially customers with high number of properties/records).

  • Salesforce

    • Error output - empty file fixes

    • Column with multiple references - visible through source component’s schema and destination’s column mapping.

  • Bing Ads 

    • Authentication updates

  • Facebook

    • Add fields (breakdown properties)


Releases & Updates

  • Intermittent connection errors will now be auto retried without failing (ECONNRESET, Connection timed out, Timeout acquiring a connection)

  • Fixed issue on invite when email has capital letters

  • Create new pipeline event RATE_LIMIT_ERROR for connectors

  • Migrations, models and constants for SSH tunnel


  • Salesforce CDC

    • Fetch source schema in batches, set query batch size to 200, update column fetching, implement renew credentials on backend

  • Salesforce REST & BULK 

    • Add KnowledgeArticle to tables not supported by BULK API

    • Show username when first creating the connector, renew and save credentials on the backend

  • Snowflake 

    • Updated setup on dashboard - separated small scripts to ease customer source setup

    • Test connection now shows the encountered error (previously only generic message)

  • Google Sheets

    • OAuth request only needed scopes by each connector (instead of requesting all previous granted scopes)

  • Github 

    • Rate-limit issues fix

Apr 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Dynamic connection on Execute SQL Task component on Workflow. This feature is behind our existing feature flag “Dynamic connection”

  • Import JSON API - updated variables when creating new packages with dataflow JSON

  • Sandbox clusters idle time update

  • Documentation search improvements


  • Google Cloud Storage 

    • V2 connection

  • Facebook Ads 

    • Update to v16

  • GA4 

    • Property name parsing updates

  • Google Ads 

    • Missing fields fixes on Product Partition Report: campaign.shopping_setting.merchant_id, ad_group_criterion.listing_group.case_value.product_item_id.value

  • File Storage destination

    • Dynamic destination directory creation

  • File Storage Source 

    • Disabled re-ordering of fields which caused data integrity issues

  • Salesforce Source

    • Disabled re-ordering of fields on Query mode which could cause data integrity issues

  • Paginations

    • Inkdesk


Releases & Updates

  • Increase timeout when fetching dynamic schema connector catalog

  • Sentry tracing updates

  • Added ToggleCase and ReplaceInField transforms in Staff API

  • Salesforce - 

  • Secure Tunnel Creation - prevent the page from reloading when downloading tunnel template

  • Confirmation modal for Archive and Deactivate

  • Create subscription proration behavior setting support


  • HTTP Connector

    • Change JobId from random number to UUID

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

    • Incremental sync updates

    • Allow choosing between REST and Bulk

  • Salesforce

    • Move tables LoginAsEvent, ApiEvents and ListViewEvent to forced Full Sync list. 

    • Move table AccountUserTerritory2View to unsupported table list.

  • SQL Server 

    • Custom certificate updates

  • Github 

    • Action parallel build run optimization

  • Snowflake 

    • Role permission updates

  • Github Connector

    • Implement new tables: release_asset, branches, commit_files, commit_parents, commit_pull_request, commit_users_emails, deployments, deployment_statuses, issue_assignees, issue_labels, repository_teams, repository_topics, repositories, workflows, workflow_runs, workflow_pull_requests, collaborator_details

    • Add option to handle nested bookmarks (both on incremental sync and resync)

  • Redshift 

    • Fallback to string on Geometry types

Mar 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • New last successful job timestamp added:



  • Salesforce

    • Hard Delete operation - allowing records to bypass the recycle bin and immediately become available for deletion

    • Error output file updates

  • HubSpot

    • Support for Reverse ETL destination added

    • Support for Rest API source. Supports using HubSpot connection for authentication in Rest API source component.

  • Bing Ads

    • SDK upgrade to

    • Added new fields

  • GA4

    • Added new dimensions

    • Support empty rows

  • Google Ads

    • Update to AdsV13

    • New fields on Campaign report

  • Snowflake

    • New regions added:

      • North America

        • Snowflake GCP - US East (N. Virginia)

        • Snowflake Azure - South Central US (Texas)

      • Europe

        • Snowflake AWS - EU West (Paris)

        • Snowflake Azure - UK South (London)

      • Asia Pacific

        • Snowflake AWS - Asia Pacific (Osaka)

        • Snowflake Azure - Central India (Pune)

      • Middle East

        • Snowflake Azure - UAE North (Dubai)

      • South America

        • Snowflake AWS - South America (Sao Paulo)

  • Paginations

    • Klaviyo ( (March)


Releases & Updates

  • Released pipeline event optimization

  • Google sign-in updates

  • BigQuery support on Data Observability

  • Secure tunnel updates

    • Existing tunnels shows all tunnels (inactive ones included) but active ones are on top of the list

    • Test tunnel connection button

    • Link to documentation on secure tunnels

    • Download bash script from tunnel creation

  • Select date range for pipeline usage dynamically in the pipeline details page based on the pipeline creation date

  • Update observability graph


  • Salesforce

    • Added type casting support for avro-based destinations

    • Support more retry error messages

  • Github

    • Added rate-limit error message handling

  • BigQuery destination

    • Parse years to forcefully have 4 digits.

  • Google Ads 

    • Update API version to v13

  • MariaDB

    • Fix GTID issue

  • NetSuite

    • Update collections on yaml definition

  • Redshift

    • Additional types

  • httpTap 

    • nodeType support

  • Salesforce Marketing optimizations

    • Support catalog S3 fetch and update (For dynamic connectors, reuse of catalog files)

Feb 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Processing Engine

    • Fix NullPointerException during staging table deletion


  • GA4

    • Update for accounts fetching

  • Paginations

    • Google Drive


Releases & Updates

  • Source Tokens Autofill when creating from “Sources” tab.

  • Logging feature (Phase 1)

    • Show pipeline events on pipeline details page (up to 1000 events)

    • Highlight errored events

    • Hide full errors on errored pipeline stopped events


  • Salesforce

    • Change Salesforce types to align with other snowflake converters

  • Adobe Analytics

    • Add source attributes

  • SQLServer

    • Create mappings for data types.

  • Salesforce CDC

    • Redshift schema and avro converter update

    • Redshift add support for scale and precision

    • Salesforce update for column type changed error

    • Add support for scale and precision for floating value types

  • Google Ads

    • Updated catalog replication method

  • Facebook Ads

    • Update catalog.json for Full Sync tables

    • Update bufferTime to 7 days

    • Upgrade to v14.0 (singer-io repository)

    • Add sync_frequency recommendations

  • MySQL 

    • UTF16 support

  • ​​Google Search

    • Add bufferTime / custom PK feature support

  • Youtube Analytics

    • Add bufferTime / custom PK feature support

    • Updated yaml to fetch video details

  • TikTok Ads

    • Fix data mismatch issue

    • Add bufferTime / custom PK feature support

  • Shopify

    • Upgrade to v2022-07

    • Add rate-limit handling

    • Fix referenced schemas

  • LinkedIn Ads

    • Add sync_frequency recommendations

Jan 2023

ETL & Reverse ETL

Releases & Updates

  • Frontend framework migration

  • Heroku add-on SSO updates

  • SAML SSO update for an issue during the callback phase of authentication

  • System upgrade (Ruby version)


  • Tiktok Ads

    • Launch as Reverse ETL destination

  • BigQuery

    • Staging table deletion on job failure

  • Salesforce 

    • Added destination parallelism (both Bulk and SOAP API). 

    • Adding a new field: Thread count to apply parallelism during loading data to the destination and reduce the job runtime. 

      • This is very helpful for customers running a job with high number of records in small batch on production cluster with high number of nodes.

    • Fix discrepancy on error file output

  • LinkedIn creation/reconnect update

  • Paginations

    • Younium


Releases & Updates

  • Auth2AuthProvider - Automatic renew credentials function

  • Data Observability

    • Updated alert sync frequency update

    • Updated alert validation issues

    • Added date range filter

    • Updated date format from MON-YY to MON-YYYY (Pipeline and Observability)

  • Clamp precision and scale to 38 and 37 in Redshift


  • BigQuery

    • Add support for null insert on array columns

  • Shopify 

    • Metafields collection data mismatch

  • Sendgrid 

    • Updated YAML definitions 

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