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Be a part of a fast-paced start-up environment with tons of opportunity for growth and learning. Work with a diverse group of talented folks from all over the world.

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Our Values
In a remote environment with teammates from many different cultures and backgrounds, there are a number of work habits and cultural “norms” we find make us more effective:
  • Velocity
    High velocity do-ocracy
  • asynchronous
    As much as possible, be asynchronous
  • Diamond
    Let your personality shine through
  • Problem Solving
    Context over control
  • Deep work
    Make time for Deep Work
  • Positive
    Assume positive intent
  • Data Driven
    Be religiously data-driven
  • Bike
    Make time to unplug
  • Justice
    Use good judgment
  • Agile
    Highly aligned, loosely coupled
  • People
    Emotional conversations happen 1-on-1, face-to-face