SFTP Integration:
For Secure & Reliable
Data Movement

Automate file data sharing and ingestion. Prepare and transform your data before loading to your data destination.

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Unlimited Capabilities
Simple Data Sharing
  • Bi-directional data sharing
    Ingest file data from SFTP sources or load files to SFTP destinations. Integrate.io covers all your SFTP file sharing use cases.
  • Prepare & Transform Your Data
    Working with CSV data is never easy! Use Integrate.io's 220+ data transformation components to cleanse and normalize your data.

Having spent years working at Salesforce, I'm well acquainted with the Salesforce integration space. Integrate.io's platform is the perfect option for teams that need an easy to use but powerful Salesforce integration solution.

Salesforce AppExchange Review
Bala Balabaskaran
CTO at Fullcast.io
Built for Ease of Use
  • Rapid Implementation
    On-boarding a new tool to your team can take over a month to implement. Get data pipelines set up in hours with streamlined no-code and low-code implementation. Get your whole team fully implemented within a week.
  • Fully Automated File Sharing
    Once you have your data pipelines set up, create a schedule for them to run. No manual running of pipelines, no maintenance, and no more time spent on cleaning up CSV files.
Common Integrations
Heroku Connect
Heroku Postgres
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SFTP Integration For Automated File Sharing

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