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Top Observability Sources
Alert Types
Count null values in your columns.
Total number of rows in a table as an autometric once per table.
Count of distinct elements in each column to be used when you expect a fixed number of value options.
Min & Max
Minimum & maximum value
of the column.
Column median computed as the 50th percentile, and will only return a value in the dataset. Not valid for the MySQL source type.
Statistical column skew, used to determine how evenly the values are distributed about the mean. Negative skews means a larger tail below the mean, a positive skew indicates a larger tail above the mean.
Statistical column variance, used to track the spread of numbers beyond the average.
Geometric Mean
The geometric mean column is used for a set of numbers whose values are meant to be multiplied together or are exponential in nature.
Freshness (hrs)
Difference between the metric collection time and the maximum column value, in hours.
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Set & forget your alerts and receive notifications for any data problems.

Ensure Data Quality
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Spend time driving business value from your data, not worrying about your data quality and datasets.

Ensure Data Quality
Enjoy Company-Wide Data Credibility

Nothing damages employees’ trust in your data like upstream data issues & inaccuracies. Instantly know about any data issues so you can resolve them before they become a downstream problem.

Ensure Data Quality
Align Upstream Data Owners

Many data issues are caused by changes that happen upstream (e.g. in the business applications). Get business owners data alerts to know when to fix their data.

Ensure Data Quality
Data Observability
Platform Capabilities
Fully Automated Monitoring
Set & forget your alerts and receive notifications for any data problems.
Flexible & Tailored Alerts
Customize your alerts based on data and business needs.
Real-time Alerts
Monitor your data in real-time or set custom monitoring times.
  • Ensure Data Quality
  • Ensure Data Quality
  • Ensure Data Quality
Manage & Resolve Alerts
Ensure alerts are acknowledged and resolved as they arise and access historical alert resolution tracking.
Analytics & Reporting
End to end reporting of your alerts to help identify trends or recurring data set issues.
  • Ensure Data Quality
  • Ensure Data Quality
What Our Data Observability Customers Say...
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    "The Platform is a great ETL & Data Transformation Solution! Connecting Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc... has never been easier."
    Meir Gold
    Analytics Manager, Growth
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    star star star star star
    Awesome ELT Tool
    No code tool, easy to set up/use, nice schedules, price balance!
    Diego Polo
    Business Intelligence Architect
  • Ensure Data Quality
    star star star star star
    Best Customer Service Ever!
    They have been the best customer service team I have ever worked with from an outside vendor. Always very responsive, and go above and beyond to resolve issues or instruct on the product.
    Matthew Pratt
    Analytics Manager
Data Observability FAQ
How does pricing work? Data Observability is a freemium product with all plans including 3 alerts free of charge. Additional alerts can be purchased by contacting
Are there any limitations on the number of alert notifications?

No. Each alert you set up has unlimited notifications.
Do I need to be using another product to use Data Observability?

No. You can sign up and start using our Data Observability offering on its own if so desired.
How does it interact with my data warehouse / database?

At the scheduled frequency our Data Observability platform will run a SQL query to generate the metric’s value. An email notification is generated if this is outside of the defined threshold.
Is there any impact on performance of that data store?

The impact should be very minimal but it will depend on the complexity & optimization of the SQL query used to generate the metric.
Is there any additional cost (e.g. compute on Snowflake)?

The cost should be very minimal but it will depend on the complexity & optimization of the SQL query used to generate the metric.
What access level do I need to give? Read only?

On data warehouses, read only access is all that is needed. Databases we need the same permissions needed for CDC replication.
Does our data get loaded into the Data Observability platform?

No, the SQL query is run on the customer’s data warehouse/database, only the metric’s result, a number, is sent to our platform.
What is the easiest way to run Data Observability?

Create a data warehouse account with read only views to the data that needs to be monitored. The Data Observability checks can be run on the data warehouse staging tables (for upstream systems) or the production tables.

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