Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software. Business professionals have heard of it, but they may not understand how it can help their business. In short, an ERP gathers data from multiple departments, including accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and inventory, into a central database. This database then allows members of management and other key employees to analyze their current processes, spot workflow weaknesses, and improve them. This cross-departmental transparency improves internal controls and results in greater efficiency and profitability. Many ERP systems are on the market, but NetSuite is one of the best ERP systems for small to medium-size businesses and also works for larger corporations.


Table of Contents

  1. Cloud-Based Power You Can Automate
  2. Customized Pricing
  3. Comprehensive Financial Planning and Reporting
  4. Integration Capability
  5. Easy-to-Use Dashboards
  6. The Integrate.io ERP Advantage

Cloud-Based Power You Can Automate

Oracle’s NetSuite is a flexible cloud-based financial management system that offers business owners and management all the power and storage capacity they need The cloud gives the platform the capacity to automate many accounting tasks while making it easier to instantly track all of their financial data. This ERP has advanced features that simplify financial planning, reporting, and billing. Plus business people can use NetSuite with different currencies which improves their global reach. NetSuite is fast, safe, and powerful and allows companies to match any competitor's system.

Customized Pricing

When it comes to an ERP, one size does not fit all, particularly when it comes to pricing. Companies, especially SMBs, need an individualized plan that fits their operating needs as well as their budgets. NetSuite offers customized pricing based on several factors, including the company’s annual revenue, needed features, business size, and customer base. Each company needs to research its requirements and then work with a consultant to determine the best platform package for its current situation. Of course, businesses can easily modify their plan as they grow and need enhanced software capabilities. Customized pricing means clients get what they need without paying for features that they don't.

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Reporting

NetSuite’s revenue tools allow companies to better plan their financial future. The ERP's budgeting, planning, and forecasting abilities let management plan out different scenarios by figuring in multiple possibilities. As a result, businesses can create more accurate budgets, anticipate hiring needs and supply chain issues. NetSuite protects them by analyzing “what if” situations. 

Compliance issues are a huge part of business management. NetSuite’s reporting features help companies with these compliance demands by gathering accurate data for federal and state agencies. These reports save hours of labor and help protect businesses from falling short of government regulations and incurring steep penalties.

Integration Capability

Any ERP needs to integrate with other programs: otherwise, the new software can make business processes less efficient instead of better. NetSuite easily integrates with other Oracle ERP solutions and also with many other leading software products from different providers. NetSuite’s open APIs enhance these integrations. 

Companies may need more help in order to optimize software integration. For an additional fee, they can hire a NetSuite dedicated implementation team that will help set up the ERP platform and additional integrations. These professionals can also assist with project management demands.

Easy-to-Use Dashboards

An ERP must be user-friendly to be effective. NetSuite’s ERP platform offers intuitive dashboards that are even easier to use than the instructions indicate. The system allows companies to customize their screen layouts for different company roles (if allowed by the administrator). The dashboards work in real-time so businesses can better analyze data and keep track of KPIs such as outstanding invoices. And the dashboards also offer employees reminders of important tasks such as meetings and deadlines. New users will find it easy to adapt to NetSuite.

The Integrate.io ERP Advantage

If your SMB has not invested in an ERP already, you need to do so now. Your competitors are taking advantage of the latest software platform offerings, putting you at a serious disadvantage. Fortunately, Integrate.io understands data collection, management, and analysis and how they work for companies like yours.

If you want to learn more about NetSuite and how it can improve your company’s efficiency and profits, contact Integrate.io’s team of professional consultants. This experienced group understands how sophisticated data collection and automation can improve your business. NetSuite is the premier ERP for SMB. Contact us today and receive a 14-day demo or pilot so you can experience how your company will benefit.