We attended the Data for Breakfast event hosted by Snowflake in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City on Wednesday. It was amazing to see such a large attendance for the event and just goes to show the ever increasing number of data-driven companies and people in Salt Lake City!

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The most memorable take away was the engaging and illuminating presentation given by Jacob Bingham, Director of BI at OC Tanner - a local software company that develops employee recognition strategies and rewards programs. He discussed his personal experience moving his company's data storage from on-premise to the cloud with Snowflake. They were able to optimize queries that previously took 3 days down to just 2.5 minutes! 

Centralizing Company Data

It was also exciting to learn about the many companies that have centralized their data in Snowflake and the data-driven decisions they have been able to make from analysis of this data. Building data pipelines to send data from all of a company's data sources to a data warehouse like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery is difficult and time consuming to set up and maintain. Integrate.io is delighted to be able to take care of this data centralization for companies and play a small part in their journey to becoming data-driven.