There's been some mystery associated with the Heroku Salesforce connect that links the Salesforce CRM with the Heroku Postgres database service. This connection is an add-on called Heroku Connect that enables multiple processes and transfers with no coding required and simple point and click executions.

Heroku Connect offers bi-directional data synchronization while also creating secure data transfers. This connector also allows a user the freedom to customize and streamline their data transfer processes.

Table of Contents

  1. About Heroku Connect
  2. What Is Heroku Postgres?
  3. What Is Salesforce?
  4. How Can Help

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About Heroku Salesforce Connect

The Heroku Salesforce connect occurs by using Heroku Connect — a data integration service allowing users to build specific applications used to control their Salesforce data.

Heroku Connect also allows companies to integrate their favorite tools, so using Salesforce is a more customized experience. This connector service simplifies everything with a user-friendly UI and point-and-click options that eliminate several extra steps and headaches. 

Using Heroku Connect offers other benefits that make it an essential add-on. Some added perks include the following: 

  • Discover new business opportunities by transferring data from SalesForce to Postgres
  • Creation of apps that help to improve customer services and approaches. 
  • Adhere to compliance needs and regulations. 
  • Easy to use interface that makes data synch easy and problem-free. 

Building apps using the Lightning Platform and Heroku Postgres are simple and transfer easily to Salesforce to improve overall customer insight. Create these apps using standard open source stacks such as Python and Rails. 

Another great feature of Heroku Connect is Heroku External Objects which is available for use with Salesforce Connect. Users can make the Heroku data available in Salesforce and then read that particular data, update information, and even delete items. It's an extra layer of flexibility and convenience to improve the user experience. 

Heroku Connect also streamlines and optimizes using Lightning APIs and Heroku Postgres to integrate data and choose attributes for commit or within the system. To truly understand the benefits of Heroku Connect, it is essential first to understand both Heroku Postgres and Salesforce.

What Is Heroku Postgres?

Heroku Postgres is a database-as-a-service based on Heroku's PostgresSQL — an open-source database system and allows users to create a scalable service for a wide range of business needs. The database service also offers developers the opportunity to manage their platforms and secure and operate data stacks.

Heroku Postgres is one of the most advanced databases globally and has been a fixture in the cloud for over a decade. Today this service operates several million data stores globally. Its wealth of features and ability to address fluctuations within a business make it a truly valuable tool for today's modern companies. 

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the top customer relationship management platform service and helps companies understand and refine their relationship with their target audience and previous customers. The platform connects various parts of a business, including the following.

  • IT teams
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Services

Salesforce also allows users to control several connected apps helping optimize the experience and connect the company with its customers. One particular benefit is that it is much faster than a traditional CRM and offers more flexibility.

Salesforce operates within the cloud, allowing users to implement better security measures, grant access accordingly, and keep customers' sensitive information safe. These top security features and enable companies to stay compliant and avoid data breaches.

When companies integrate Salesforce, it accommodates many types of business flows and is uniquely scalable to match the changing climate of today's business. 

Companies also use Salesforce to integrate with third-party apps such as Gmail to get a better experience and import data or relevant information, helping fine-tune the approach to customers and customer service. 


To transfer data between Heroku Postgres and Salesforce easily, Heroku Connect is essential. The Heroku Connect service provides the ability to link those services along with various additional features to help create apps, share information, and even edit from a user-friendly interface.

The Heroku Connect add-on serves to make business insights and information storage and retrieval smooth and effective. There's no need to code to implement this data integration service.

It also works perfectly with a top ETL platform providing customers with data pipelines. ETL platforms offer multiple actions such as transformation and validation along with modern integration options, which make the interface user-friendly and versatile. 

How Can Help is a cloud-based ETL company offering the latest integrations and features such as Heroku Connect to build data pipelines and manage add-ons.

Working with is hassle-free and straightforward. A prime example is their ability to offer code-free or low-code options and services.

To learn more about linking Heroku Postgres and Salesforce with Heroku Connect, reach out to an representative. Don't forget to take advantage of the 14-day demo allowing companies to see for themselves what can do for their business.