If you own an e-commerce website, you need to remain competitive and increase your capabilities in the process. One of the latest and greatest solutions right now is to harness the power of reverse ETL. The abbreviation ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load, and is one of the best ways to connect business apps and platforms. 

This ETL tool offers multiple opportunities to transfer your securely stored customer data from the modern data warehouse to multiple other apps and platforms. This allows you to sync and access data to improve your insight, guide marketing teams, and take actions based on operational analytics and metrics. 

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What Is Reverse ETL?

Reverse ETL is when transformed data is extracted from the data warehouse and then updated as needed in an operating system used by a company to power SaaS tools.

Unlike traditional ETL the data used for reverse ETL is already transformed. It's uploaded from the data warehouse and then transfer to the desired operating system. The data is then updated as needed when any changes occur rather than uploading a complete copy of the data set each time. 

This connection allows multiple teams to gain access to the information they need and provides the capability to push information to the third-party tool via API to enhance performance and add capabilities to the workflows.

To simplify this idea, think about how much better your data can work for you when you transfer updated details to other major platforms in real-time to improve and manage automation processes such following use cases. 

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Compliance

Ultimately you get more actionable data sets that help drive decision-making to assist with scaling your business. 

Benefits of Using Reverse ETL

You can use reverse ETL for many connections. Besides, it isn't just helpful; it can improve the way you do business. Imagine having all the data, projections, reports, and department-specific processes right at your fingertips. 

That's precisely what reverse ETL provides companies who decide to invest in this service. Rather than taxing your current IT workforce or having to hire developers or people with coding experience, you can effectively connect these third-party services with streamlined reverse ETL solutions.

Some of the most notable benefits of using this strategy for data integration include the following. 

Customize the Customer Experience 

When you're in the e-commerce market, you know that the customer experience is a major part of your reputation. It accounts for your popularity and ability to provide for the customer's desire to obtain products and services from your company. The customer service representative can offer a better experience when they have access to real-time information about the customer's recent purchases and all-time history. If they use Salesforce, reverse ETL provides all the details they need via the user interface. 

Furthermore, a good experience for the customers provides some word-of-mouth advertisement and also helps convert leads. To improve performance and give customers the experience and options they want when they interact with your brand, you need access to relevant, up-to-date data.  

Whether they want to make a purchase on the go or log in to see their account details, you can make it happen seamlessly when you connect your stored data sets with SaaS providers.

Make Data Actionable

By incorporating reverse ETL, you can effectively send your information from your database to your marketing and business intelligence tools. When your data is real-time and accurate, you make available data actionable for various departments within your company.

The reverse ETL process allows you to make decisions that propel growth and customer satisfaction. When you have relevant and current operational analytics, you can drive better business processes and improve the decision-making process. 

Make Scaling Business Needs Easy

E-commerce businesses are constantly changing according to the growth rate, market fluctuations, and use of resources. These companies need to scale their services to match their needs and customer needs by incorporating current data into their third-party platforms and apps. 

This process is much easier when decision-making teams and management have instant access to valuable data and reporting via their connected platforms. Rather than glean these details separately from the data warehouse and then require IT or other employees to convert the data into usable projections and reports, it's converted instantly as the information is updated via the data warehouse.  

No more extra steps or additional workforce demands. You get a streamlined service via an ETL pipeline that allows for faster access and more transparency with greater accuracy.  

Harness the Power of Today's Top Platforms

The largest and most widely used third-party platforms can boost your business and marketing campaigns to provide more capabilities by using your up-to-date data extracted from databanks, then used with BI tools. For example, Salesforce easily connects to your data warehouse via reverse ETL to provide better CRM information for use with services like SalesForce. You can effectively keep track of marketing efforts, customer connections, sales, and various business processes like Zendesk and Marketo with current data. 

Salesforce is essential for most businesses, today. When you connect your current data warehouse and operational analytics to the platform, you get the most accurate details and reports. Having this information assists business teams and provides business intelligence to make the best decisions.  

What Integrate.io Offers

Integrate.io can connect with many cloud data warehouse solutions such as SQL databases, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery. Because these are some of the most commonly used data warehouses for a data stack, many companies can easily connect their chosen platforms and apps using Integrate.io's reverse ETL process without relying on data engineers. 

The shared data becomes operational API and is then used with other SaaS entities. This means you can easily customize your connections through the dashboards to benefit your sales team and the customers you serve. 

You can also give access to information relevant to their experience by powering accessible details to customize their accessible features and provide them with the information they want right away. When customers can connect easily with your company and have all the options, they need available 24/7 with the most accurate information. They get a better overall experience and more options than Fivetran or Hubspot offer. 

Not only do you get better capabilities and an improved customer experience, but you also get top-of-the-line 24/7 true customer support when you have issues or questions. Our goal is to provide each client with the information and tools they need to get the most out of our services. Making actual support team members available at any time means fewer complications and downtime and better results all around.

Integrate.io has multiple connectors and capabilities that make it one of the most effective and affordable solutions out there. Your company doesn't need to spend a fortune on data teams or IT requirements. You simply connect to the features you want in minutes and begin reaping the benefits and improving customer success. 

How Integrate.io Can Help

Integrate.io is one of the leading ETL solutions providers in the market today. They provide a wide range of storage, transfer, and connectivity, and data pipeline options to suit businesses in most markets. 

Their enterprise SaaS solutions are second to none and provide affordable options that require low to no-code connections. If you own an e-commerce business and want to experience the benefits of using ETL and ELT without a complicated connection process or having to hire additional, IT support, reach out to Integrate.io today and sign up for a 7-day demo or inquire about pricing.