As the world’s number one CRM provider, Salesforce has been transforming customer relationship management for the last two decades across various e-commerce platforms and e-commerce websites. From increased communication to improved customer relationships to better business plans, the Salesforce platform has helped countless organizations move a step above their competitors. 

Read on to discover more about the Salesforce platform, how to begin e-commerce integration with Salesforce for your online store, and how can help you get the most out of your Salesforce experience. 

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What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the oldest cloud-based software companies in the world and has proven itself time and time again as a superior e-commerce solution from big commerce to small businesses. The platform was created by Marc Benioff in 1999, shortly after the founding of the world’s first cloud-based company, Netsuite. Today, Salesforce has ascended to become the world’s number one customer relationship management or CRM platform. 

Some top features of the Salesforce platform include: 

  • A place to store customer data
  • A convenient way to track customer interactions.
  • A simplified space to view data in action. 
  • A place to easily collaborate with colleagues from multiple sectors. 

Essentially, Salesforce is designed to help companies make faster and more well-informed decisions while also enabling the business to easily create the best customer relationships possible. If you're an e-commerce business owner or your organization works heavily in online sales, then you need to start the e-commerce integration process with Salesforce today. 

From increasing customer retention rates to minimizing costs to creating a rich online shopping experience for customers, Salesforce can completely transform your e-commerce operation, help with inventory management, generate more e-commerce sales, and create a stronger customer base. When e-commerce entrepreneurs begin integrating Salesforce into their dropshipping and e-commerce businesses, they are able to create online shopping experiences that have customers running to find their Paypal debit or credit cards to buy all the products in their shopping cart. Read on to discover more about Salesforce and how your business can begin e-commerce integrations with the platform today. 

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Starting E-Commerce Integration With Salesforce 

In the ever-changing world of e-commerce, organizations always look for ways to stay one step ahead of the competition while also differentiating their brand. Brands can accomplish both of these by providing superior customer experiences. The best way to deliver an exceptional customer experience online is through the world’s number one CRM provider, Salesforce. 

The Salesforce platform works to simplify e-commerce integration. Essentially, e-commerce integration begins with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers both B2C and B2B businesses the ideal setup for e-commerce integration. Salesforce’s multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture works to provide online retailers with the scalability, reliability, and security they need to keep up with the ever-evolving online retail environment.  

The following are a few of the many benefits e-commerce integration with Salesforce can provide to your company.

Improves Customer Experience 

As the top-rated CRM provider in the world, Salesforce’s robust customer relationship management system is sure to improve your customer experience by streamlining business operations and keeping customers informed on the status of their orders. 

Access to Better Inventory Planning and Forecasting 

The Salesforce software is superior at collecting and handling valuable data, especially when paired with a data management solution like The detailed information Salesforce provides allows users to make better inventory planning decisions. 

Enhances Marketing and Promotion 

As the number one CRM provider in the world, working with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is sure to bring enhanced marketing and promoting services to any e-commerce operation. Being able to provide customers with more personalized marketing instantly, something Salesforce allows has a significant impact on consumer experience. Better marketing strategies and execution almost always lead to an increase in sales. 

Improves Sales Team Performance

With Salesforce CRM storing all of your customer data in one conveniently located space, both sales representatives and customer service executives can quickly access customer details. This accessibility helps significantly improve sales team performance overall.

Provides Omni-Channel Functionalities

One of the most beneficial reasons for e-commerce business owners to pursue Salesforce e-commerce integration is the omnichannel functionalities that the platform provides. Essentially, this omnichannel functionality allows enterprises to easily integrate and manage different channels—including web, apps, and stores—from a single and easy-to-use platform. Being able to streamline business operations from a single platform is very beneficial to entrepreneurs trying to optimize their e-commerce platforms.

Minimizes Losses and Costs 

Without Salesforce, e-commerce stores are susceptible to numerous data entry or type errors. When mistakes like these are made, it can prove costly for e-commerce stores. Salesforce simply eliminates manual errors. In turn, utilizing Salesforce helps e-commerce businesses minimize losses and costs. 

Creates a Rich Online Shopping and Mobile Experience 

Another great benefit of Salesforce is that it creates a rich online shopping and mobile experience for customers. From initial marketing efforts to checkout and beyond, Salesforce mobile commerce allows all e-commerce business owners to serve their customer base better.  

Increases Customer Retention Rates 

Utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud also helps to greatly increase customer retention rates by creating an easy-to-use and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers. When it comes to thriving in the e-commerce industry, increased customer retention rates are always a good thing. 

Allows Companies to Reach Consumers on a Global Scale 

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, companies can also easily extend their reach to consumers on a global scale, well beyond the reach of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Through the platform, users can seamlessly launch and manage different storefronts in different locations around the world, all from a single and easy-to-use platform. Users can also easily integrate multiple languages and currencies into their storefronts with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. These features are an important step in attracting and converting consumers on a global scale.

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Salesforce and 

To get even more out of your e-commerce integration with Salesforce, you need to work with a data management solution like Migrating your company’s Salesforce data into a third-party application provider like creates a broad range of benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity through automation.
  • Enhanced communication through data syncing with marketing platforms.
  • Centralized CRM data within a single data warehouse.

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How Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

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