A cornerstone to any successful SaaS business is great customer support. At Integrate.io, one of our four key pillars is ‘Providing Fanatical Support’. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to work with our amazing Support team, you will know that they always go above and beyond to deliver fanatical support. For those of you who are considering using Integrate.io as your ETL tool of choice, if the data shared below isn’t enough, we are more than happy to provide you with a customer reference to hear first hand about our industry-leading support.

With Integrate.io being such a crucial tool in our clients’ day to day, ensuring maximum pipeline uptime is a must. Integrate.io’s talented Support team is consistently highlighted by customers as a clear differentiator in the ETL market. Our team of skilled data engineers provides not only support on the Integrate.io product but also advice and guidance on data pipeline best practices. Common recurring feedback we hear from our clients is “Your Support team feels like an extension of our team."

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Table of Contents

  1. Handheld Support From Day One
  2. Follow the Sun Support Model
  3. 2020 Customer Support Data
  4. Get in Touch

Handheld Support from Day One

Our mantra to provide fanatical support starts from Day one and continues through every interaction with our team. During the evaluation phase, all clients are paired with a Solution Engineer who is responsible for ensuring the success of every clients’ evaluation period. 

Once the evaluation period is over and commercials have been signed off on, clients move into their tailored onboarding phase. The duration of this onboarding is dependent on the Integrate.io plan selected, but includes being paired up with one of our Customer Success Engineers whose goal is to onboard the whole team and assist in getting pipelines into production. 

After onboarding is completed, our Customer Success Engineers set up Quarterly Business Review meetings to ensure that Integrate.io is continuing to meet or exceed expectations, share updates on our product roadmap, gather feedback and help resolve any outstanding issues.

At all times during the evaluation, onboarding, and ongoing use of Integrate.io, our Customer Support team are available via live chat, email and Zoom. Our Customer Support team liaise with both our Solution Engineers and our Customer Success Engineers to fully understand the client's account and business goals. Customers reach out to Customer Support via Intercom with questions on their account, pipeline design, job status, and for general data engineering advice.


Follow the Sun Support Model

With Support Engineers in Las Vegas, Toronto, North Carolina, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Sydney, Integrate.io has technical support available in all time zones for 24/7 coverage.

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Below are the 3 core metrics our global Customer Support team target:

  • Maintain 85% of 4 or 5-star customer support rating
  • Median first response time < 5 minutes
  • Achieve an average ticket closure time of 1 day

These are our goals, at times we get inundated and may take longer to respond. We understand that some organizations like to have response-time guarantees. To ensure we can meet these requirements, we offer support SLAs to customers on our Enterprise plan.

Don’t Take Our Word For It: 2020 Customer Support Data

Every company touts their support as a differentiator, but few can back it up with data. Our Support team tracks our customers’ ratings very closely and reviews during team meetings each week. Below is an overview of the team’s 2020 tracked metrics. A remarkable effort by our Support team - leading from the front line with fanatical support. 

Sub 5-minute First Response Time:

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96.1% 4 or 5 Star Rating:

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Providing great customer support is very difficult but we believe it is critical for the successful delivery and maintenance of any data project. We pride ourselves on having deeply technical support team members who not only know Integrate.io but are industry experts on data integration. Please contact us to learn more about our fantastic support team.

Get in Touch

We want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing Support team who go above and beyond every day for our customers. 2020 was a challenging year for everybody, a time when our clients needed us most, our Support stood up to the challenge and knocked it out of the park!

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