We are excited to announce that Integrate.io was launched on December 15th, 2021, bringing together four companies (Integrate.io, DreamFactory, FlyData and Intermix.io) to provide a complete data integration platform. Below are overviews of each of the various offerings.

Integrate.io Platform Offerings


Xplenty's low-code ETL and Reverse ETL platform streamlines data processing allowing your team to focus on insights instead of data preparation.


DreamFactory's instant API generation platform gives your team API access to your data sources for consumption in your applications and systems. 


FlyData's CDC and ELT platform replicates your data to your data warehouse giving your team and systems access to your data in real-time.


Intermix.io's data warehouse analytics platform captures and provides insights on your data warehouse's metadata.

This merger will combine the teams and resources from the 4 companies to allow us to accelerate the building and delivery of new platform features such as data observability, additional CDC and reverse ETL connectors, ELT connectors, and instant API generation.

Accessing the Existing Platforms for Current Customers

Current customers of the Integrate.io, FlyData and Intermix.io platforms can access the respective platforms through either of the following options: 

  1. On the Integrate.io homepage, click Sign In and then select the platform they would like to sign in to. 
  2. Go directly to the sign-in pages linked below:
    1. Integrate.io: https://dashboard.integrate.io/
    2. FlyData: https://console.flydata.app/
    3. Intermix.io: https://dashboard.intermix.io/

In January 2022, Integrate.io will be launching SSO to provide a unified login experience across each of the Integrate.io offerings. 

What’s next for Integrate.io?

Integrate.io is a data warehouse integration platform that provides a complete integration layer for transforming your data warehouse into a data platform. We will be continuing to add to Integrate.io’s functionality with features such as data observability, SaaS ELT connectors, additional CDC and reverse ETL connectors, and instant API generation. 

As we continue to grow Integrate.io, we will be taking an industry-by-industry approach for our go-to market, with our first industry to focus on being e-commerce. While this will be our go-to-market approach, we will of course be continuing to serve all of our existing and new customers regardless of industry and our new features will be industry agnostic. 

To learn more about how Integrate.io can help you achieve your 2022 goals, schedule a time to speak with us here.