Heroku's Postgres open-source database is the most effective service for developers who want to build engaging apps. With all of its features and Heroku's experience managing databases, it guarantees security and compliance with GDPR.

Table of Contents

  1. What Makes Heroku Postgres Different?
  2. Heroku Postgres Features
  3. Heroku Postgres Data Protection
  4. Heroku Postgres Plans
  5. Performance Analytics
  6. Easy Monitoring
  7. Tuning Your Database
  8. Integrate.io and Heroku Postgres

What Makes Heroku Postgres Different?

With Heroku Postgres, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure. Heroku's team will handle updates, so developers like yourself don't need to worry about it.


Heroku is the perfect place for your Postgres database. Heroku loves data and has been running it in a reliable cloud environment since 2009. You can rest easy knowing that their engineers are always on standby to help with any issues, so you don't miss out on anything important happening at work or home. Heroku also has product managers who know what's best for designing more analytical features into their software.

Dynamic Data

Running an app that needs a lot of data storage? Heroku Postgres is perfect for you. The team behind it has spent years understanding the dynamic demand of data, so your database can scale up or down accordingly. They've got enough resources to handle whatever traffic flows through your system  all without any downtime as they do it.


With its unparalleled security, the Heroku platform is purpose-built to meet your most stringent data protection needs. You have access to everything that will allow you to create a truly powerful app from scratch while still following essential industry standards such as PCI compliance and HIPAA regulations. For particularly sensitive industries, Heroku Shield Postgres can keep your app in good standing with regulating bodies.

Heroku Postgres Features

Heroku has a unique way of integrating with third-party apps to help you get the most out of your data. For example, Heroku Connect enables syncing between Postgres databases and Salesforce, making it easier to track changes in real-time anywhere they happen. Here are some of the top features that make Postgres even better for teams.


With Heroku Postgres, you can easily fork your production database for testing. If the migration looks good after completion and promotion, it's all smooth sailing! However, if there are issues with the test data or errors in migrating to a new schema format  no worries  you'll still have your original untouched database ready and waiting for us.


With Dataclips, you don't need to be an analytics expert. With just a basic understanding of SQL queries, anyone can create reports on live data in seconds from anywhere they are.

Heroku Dataclips will give you the power to create a SQL query in your data repository and share it with colleagues or integrated third-party tools. Your teammates who receive the Dataclip can view the information live on their browser or download it as JSON or CSV for later use.


With followers, you can have a backup of your database that automatically updates with changes and enables quick information retrieval. Followers are read-only replicas, so they don't need to be backed up or accessed in the same way as their original databases. However, it is essential to remember these backups should not contain any data modifications because those will need access from the primary copy for reconciliation purposes.

Heroku Postgres Data Protection

Heroku users are able to gain protection and high compliance with Heroku Shield, which is a group of services that brings extra security for your data management needs.

Constant Protection

Data integrity is a top priority for Heroku Postgres, which comes with its unique constant protection feature. Each writes to your database gets replicated and stored in multiple secure data centers, so you can be backed up within minutes if anything happens.


Imagine the relief of knowing that you can revert to your previous database state with a single command. There's no need to worry about data loss or corruption from accidental deletes when using this feature because it restores your current table and configuration settings back into action by rolling them backward in time.

Automated Health Parameters

Heroku not only keeps your data safe but also monitors and secures the health of your databases. If something goes wrong with one or more of them, their PostgreSQL experts will be able to fix things right away so that there are no disruptions.

Encrypted Data

Encrypting your sensitive data is the best way to keep it safe. When you encrypt using a personal key, no one can access it without that same key. You get complete control of what should be private information by making sure only people with authorization have access at any time.

Heroku Postgres Plans

Heroku Postgres is the best data solution for your app. With a wide range of plans that are sure to meet whatever needs you may have, Heroku's got it all.

To make an informed decision about which plan will work best for you and your application, we recommend taking into account how many hours of uptime per month you need, as well as whether or not high-transaction processing performance is important too.

Different customers need different levels of uptime. Heroku offers three tiers: Hobby Tier, Standard Tier, and Premium Tier, to cater to your needs. Suppose you have an app that can't tolerate any downtime. In that case, Heroku also offers two additional tiers, Private and Shield, for enterprises that need the highest level of service and compliance help.

Performance Analytics

Performance analytics is the first step to troubleshooting your database. With this tool, you can monitor and diagnose potential problems with ease. The components of performance analytics are numerous: They include performance monitoring and query profiling, among other things, that will help keep those pesky queries running smoothly.

Performance analytics is the most effective way for development teams to identify and fix expensive queries quickly. Often, adding an index or more aggressively caching data can make drastic performance improvements  but it's difficult for a team to know which queries are worth fixing. Performance analytics provides context, so developers will see the root of most problems and generate accurate fixes that improve database speed.

Perhaps the greatest attribute of performance analytics is that it allows you to diagnose expensive queries.

Expensive Queries

The most common cause of database performance issues is the under-optimization of queries, with each one putting significant pressure on your database system and slowing everything down. To identify these long-running or expensive queries in Postgres, look at their Expensive Queries report from within the Performance Analytics. Once you have identified them, though, it's not time to give up hope just yet! An index added will often make those particular slow runs much quicker  plus, if they're problematic, then tweaking the SQL schema may help.

Easy Monitoring

The ability to monitor your Heroku Postgres database and the performance of your app can help you spot problems before they occur, respond quickly when an incident does happen, and find out what went wrong.

Heroku Postgres is the database of choice for developers because it provides metrics that allow you to monitor how your server and application are running. The most effective way to keep track of these vital stats is by installing a platform monitoring add-on that can alert you when any data metric exceeds a specific value. The Heroku Elements Marketplace has an exhaustive list of options in this space, so take advantage.

Tuning Your Database

The Heroku Data team ensures that your database is configured for the best performance. You can further improve its speed by understanding how it will be used and tuning settings accordingly.

Tracking Your Metrics

Tracking your database performance is essential to maintain a stable system that performs optimally. Not only does the process give you insight into how well it's running and what areas may need fixing or improvement, but it also reveals some of its vital secrets, such as response time and load average.

The best way to track this data over time is by installing an add-on like Librato, which can send alerts about any changes within specific parameters.

Integrate.io and Heroku Postgres


Heroku Postgres is a great option for developers who want to build, scale, and maintain their databases without worrying about the infrastructure. Whether you are new to database administration or have experience managing large-scale systems, Heroku Postgres is a great option to have.

With Integrate.io, you can connect your data sources and repositories with just a few clicks. Your analysts will be able to get started in minutes without having the support of an elite data science team. Best yet, Integrate.io offers automatic integrations for Heroku Postgres so that it is easy to start using their low-code ETL platform today.

Contact our team to schedule a demo of our ETL tool now, and discover how you can integrate with Heroku Postgres for the best database solution on the market.