Custom reports, table dependencies, cost analytics, and more. Start using the new today.

New Look and Feel

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Polished, clean and responsive interface of the app makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Custom Reports

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The product can be used to create custom dashboards and reports across a wide variety of use cases. This means that each member of your team can build a report for exactly what they care about, and save that report to come back to it later.

The existing charts in the product can be re-implemented as custom reports in the new

Analyze Costs and Resource Planning

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Drill-down into on-demand spectrum costs, and reduce data storage by finding tables that are never used (stale tables). See which users and workloads are contributing to spend.

Table Dependencies

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Surfaces the tables and columns your queries touch so you can see dependencies between users, models and tables. Find the most active, and unused models and tables. Understand data access patterns of users and jobs. See the table dependencies for users and workflows.

Raw Data Export

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Choose to download a CSV of the raw data for any report. Manipulate the data locally to integrate into presentations and communicate internally with your stakeholders.

Multiple sources

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Easily add your dev & test warehouses and view them as new ‘sources’ when defining Jobs. We never need access to data you’ve copied into your data warehouse.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the new product.

Go to the following URL:

Your existing password works, and you can login with either 1) your email address or 2) username.

How long can I use the existing product?

You will be able to use the existing product until January 15th, 2020. 

I love the current charts, will I be able to see similar visualizations in the new products?

Yes. And for current customers, we’ll recreate the charts from the existing product as custom reports in the new product.

How can I get support?

There are three ways to get support.  

Will the pricing change?

Yes. We’re switching pricing from a capacity-based model ($ / vCPU / month) to a utilization model based on “SQL Groups” ($ / # of SQL groups). Please see our pricing page for more details.

Did you cut some features?

Yes. There are a few areas of the product that we’ve decided to deprecate. This is because Amazon Redshift has already, or plans to automate many of the functionality around administering the cluster.

  • Vacuum scripts will no longer be available.

    Amazon Redshift has automated the vacuum process, so there is no longer a need to manually vacuum. For users who still need manual vacuums, Amazon Redshift provides helper scripts in their scripts repository at this link.
  • Table size & schema information will not be supported

    With the new RA3 instance type, Amazon Redshift is moving to a model where storage and compute can scale separately. As a result, there’s less of a need to track how big tables are, because the cluster should automatically scale up to handle any size of storage needs.

    In the product, the charts in ‘Table Storage’ and ‘Table Analysis’ will no longer be available. To see table sizes, Amazon Redshift provides easy scripts to get a list of tables and their sizes at this link.

Will I need to reinstall my cluster?

No. Data from your existing data warehouse will be available in the new product experience. Simply select it as a ‘Source’ in the Jobs page, when defining a new Job.

Does my team know?

Yes. We have sent everyone an email, and also added a banner into the current product with a link to the new product.