It's time to look at big data events again! 2022 hopefully brings the full-fledged return of conferences and events. For people in the big data world, this is more important than ever. COVID-19 continues to disrupt data and related supply chains. According to a McKinsey survey, this has forced businesses to reconsider the entire method by which they do business. 

This also involves data capture and management operations. This has prevented businesses from operating as usual. However, it represents an opportunity for big data. Data scientists, data analytics, and automation are more in demand than ever. For businesses that deal with data integration, data warehouse design, and data management, there is an incredible opportunity at this moment.

The top big data events are still struggling to get their bearings in a world that remains ravaged by COVID-19. Thankfully, despite the pandemic, there are plenty of events going on in 2022. These events can help business leaders and data scientists come to grips with the intricacies of big data. It can also help them refine and expand the data techniques they can use. Of course, many of these events will be at least partially virtual–another way that businesses rely on technology to keep them going in troubled times. The advantage of this is that interested parties are now able to attend events all over the world, rather than just in their own country. This gives attendees access to the top big data events anywhere on the globe. 

Here are our top six big data events for 2022 in terms of thought leadership, expert speakers, and business-critical information. Of course, you will want to check with event organizers before booking. Furthermore, if you are interested in learning more about making data work for you, make sure to check out’s various services

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Table of Contents

  1. Women in Data Science Worldwide Conference
  2. AI & Big Data Expo Global 2022
  3. World Data Summit 2022
  4. Data 2022
  5. Big Data World 2022
  6. ICDBA 2022
  7.'s Thoughts

1) Women in Data Science Worldwide Conference

Date: March 7, 2022

Location: Stanford University, California, United States 

Women in Data Science (WiDS) is all about inspiring and educating female data scientists. It concentrates on supporting women already working in the data science field. The initiative started at Stanford University. However, it has since expanded. The conference now spans 60 countries and combines about 150 separate events over 24 hours. The conference coincides with International Women’s Day and includes experts in many fields. This includes big data, data science, and AI from academia, businesses, government, and nonprofits. This robust list makes this one of the top big data events that is geared towards women.

Speakers at the event will include an array of female leaders in tech and data. The speakers come from a variety of academic, governmental, and business backgrounds



2) AI & Big Data Expo Global 2022

Date: May 11-12

Location: Santa Clara, California, United States



This event bills itself as the leading artificial intelligence and big data exhibition event. . This high-level conference combines forward-thinking companies and brands, AI experts, big data scientists, and leaders from some of the most exciting new startups. The conference aims to examine the impact of big data in the enterprise and consumer sectors but also highlights developing technologies and opportunities for digital transformation.

To be clear, this is a massive event. Previous in-person events built an attendance of over 5,000 people. Event organizers are hopeful that this year's event will be able to build the same crowd. The size alone makes this one of the top big data events.

The event advertises four major tracks: IOT, Blockchain, 5G, and Cyber Security & Cloud. It also boosts an extensive array of sponsors from across the data world. 

Finally, the event boasts a robust agenda. Seminars will touch on healthcare, augmented workforces, business intelligence, and more. 

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3) World Data Summit 2022

Date: May 18-20, 2022

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This year’s World Data Summit is set to help attendees better determine the specifics of big data. Its homepage addresses the need to create an analytical model for data businesses. Topics to be discussed include business analysis, improved workflows with unstructured data, and data visualization. 

 Attendees can expect to learn more about how to apply data to their business. This means using data to build customer growth and increasing technological knowledge. The event also promises attendees the chance to get the latest industry insights and engage in safe networking. Of course, this is something that has been sorely missing from the world over the past two years!

There is a range of workshops to book and plenty of opportunities to make meaningful connections. With the event back in person after spending 2021 virtual, there will be new seminars. This new content helps WDS grow its reputation as one of the top big data events. The agenda also lists a slew of speakers from the business sector. This includes speakers from across the world. Indeed, the international perspective of the speakers and seminar leaders is one of the biggest draws of this event.

4) Data 2022

Date: July 11-13

Location: Lisbon, Portugal


Data 2022 is the “11th International Conference on Data Science, Technology, and Applications.”Unlike other conferences, this has an extensive academic orientation. Organizers are requesting that individuals submit papers for presentation and review. There are five specific focus areas at the conference: Business analytics, Data Science, Data management and quality, big data, and databases/data security. As such, anyone interested in these fields may have an interest in attending this conference. 

Keep in mind that there are many ways of enhancing your company’s ability to conduct these services. offers many such products that can help you better manage your data.

It’s also worth noting that this is a change in focus, thus improving one of the top big data events. Last year’s event focused largely on advanced analytics, data governance, and dealing with semi-structured or unstructured data. As such, attendees from last year’s conference can check out Data 2022 with confidence. The new and expanded focus can potentially give them invaluable information. 


5) Big Data World 2022

Date: March 2-3

Location: ExCel exhibition center, London, England

Pricing: Free registration

Big Data World 2021 was one of the few data conferences to actually be held in person last year, and the conference will be back again in 2022. This gives Big Data World a leg-up on similar conferences, as attendees will be able to come back and know what to expect. Big Data World’s website notes that the conference has a variety of benefits. This includes more than 100 hours of

content, attendees from across the data and AI ecosystem, and C-suite level attendees. This means that people who go to this conference will be decision-makers. Indeed, the high percentage of decision-makers at this conference makes it one of the top big data events.

Big Data World also boosts agenda topics in a variety of areas. This includes data mining, predictive analytics, advances in data methodology, and much more. It also boosts case studies that will show attendees exactly how data warehouses can be modernized. 


6) ICBDA 2022

Date: March 4-6

Location: Guangzhou, China

This is the only conference that’s going to be held outside of North America or Europe that made it onto our list. However, if you are interested in this rapidly expanding marketplace, ICBDA 2022 is unquestionably worth checking out if you are interested in the top big data events throughout the world.. This conference - the 7th in the organization’s history - bills itself as a leading chance to learn about a slew of big data research. It promises the latest in data modeling, mining, simulation, and more.

A quick look at the program reveals extensive data-related topics, including:        

  • Soft computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning
  • Data analysis        
  • Use cases for data innovation    
  • Neural networks and algorithms
  • Papers and research will also be presented.'s Thoughts

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Interestingly, every one of the events this year will be in person. While some of these events will have virtual options, none of them will be virtual events. 

The uses of big data and analytics are everywhere these days. Indeed, there is almost no area that big data hasn’t yet touched. This means that businesses need to ensure their data teams are up to speed with the latest developments. Attending any of the top big data events and conferences may give you an edge over your competitors. These events can give you actionable insights into how to maximize your data. They can also help you better understand how to use data to your advantage. However you currently manage and capture your business data, a data transformation tool can help integrate your data sources to your data lake or data warehouses. That’s what is for. can help you manage, centralize and transform your big data. If you’re interested in more, book your conversation with today