Big data is more crucial to businesses than ever, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies across multiple industries. The expanding internet of things (IoT) plus the multiple digital engagement points between businesses and customers create huge swathes of data and new challenges in how to manage this glut of information. Big Data conferences provide data scientists, managers, engineers, and other technology enthusiasts with opportunities to learn from their peers and share their own insights. 

Our top five takeaways about big data events in 2024:

  1. Most events are welcoming attendees back to physical venues than in 2024.
  2. Social issues such as climate change and ethics are hot topics this year.
  3. Many conferences still provide online offerings or live stream solutions for safety and accessibility.
  4. Networking and learning from other tech professionals are prime reasons to attend Big Data events.
  5. can help you manage your business’s Big Data more efficiently for better data warehouse insights.

Over the past couple of years, Big Data events have been largely relegated to the virtual sphere, although 2023 did see many hybrid events and even a few face-to-face conferences re-emerging. In 2024, we expect to see a lot more in-person events, as organizers safely welcome attendees back to physical venues.

Anyone interested in data science knows that Big Data is big news for business. The world generates around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day, culminating in around 44 zettabytes of data in the world at any given time. This figure is always rising, and businesses are constantly looking for new ways to manage their data and maximize its potential. provides ETL and reverse ETL data integration solutions that help provide complete data observability and empower businesses to gain better insights from their data warehouse via an intuitive, no-code data pipeline platform.

As well as providing top tools for data integration, we’re proud to provide a range of resources for data managers and other tech professionals, including this list of some of the most exciting Big Data events in 2024. Remember to always check with the event organizers before booking or committing to attending. Event details are subject to change. 

Table of Contents

  1. Big Data Economy and Digital Management
  2. 7th international Conference on Big Data Management
  3. Big Data Analytics Symposium
  4. Big Data and AI World
  5. Big Data and Analytics Summit
  6. DATA 2024

1) 3rd International Conference on Big Data Economy and Digital Management (BDEDM)

Date: January 12-14, 2024

Location: Ningbo, China

Pricing: $490 USD/3400 CNY

Attending BDEDM 2024 can be particularly beneficial because it offers a unique opportunity for business professionals to deepen their understanding of big data in the context of the digital economy, network with experts, and gain insights that can drive strategic business decisions and innovation.

Conference Details:

  • Understanding Big Data in the Context of Digital Economy: BDEDM 2024 focuses on the intersection of big data and digital management, which is crucial in today's digital economy. Business professionals can gain insights into how big data drives economic trends and decision-making in the digital era.

  • Exposure to New Research: Exposure to New Research: This conference is likely to feature the latest research and developments in big data and digital management. Attendees can learn about the newest theories, methodologies, and tools that are shaping the field.

  • International Networking: Conferences like BDEDM 2024 attract experts, academics, and professionals from various industries. Networking with these individuals can lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy Learning: As businesses increasingly move towards digitalization, understanding strategies for digital transformation is vital. The conference can provide insights into how big data is integral to this transformation and how it can be effectively leveraged.

  • World Class Speakers: Learn from Professor David Ahlstrom of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China who will present ‘Influence and Leadership in Modern Organizations,’ and Professor Yuhanis Binti Ab Aziz of the Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia who will present ‘Digital Marketing: Implications and Insights for Future Researchers.’

2) 2024 7th International Conference on Big Data Management

Date: February 2-5, 2024

Location: Shenzen, China

Pricing: Early bird registration is closed for this event. Regular registration is 430 USD/2950 RMB for student authors and 480 USD/3250 RMB.

ICBDM 2024 will bring together academic scientists, researchers, and scholars to share research on all aspects of big data management. Attendees will discuss recent innovations, big data trends, and practical challenges and concerns in the big data management field.

Conference Details:

  • High-quality conference proceedings: ICBDM 2024 will publish its proceedings in a special chapter of the ICMLC 2024 Conference Proceedings, which will be indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus. This is a great opportunity to get your work published in a prestigious journal.

  • Student scholarships: ICBDM 2024 offers a limited number of student scholarships to help students attend the conference. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the latest research in big data management and network with other professionals.

  • Contribute to the field of big data management: ICBDM 2024 welcomes submissions of research papers, posters, and workshops. This is a great opportunity to share your work with others and contribute to the field of big data management.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest research: ICBDM 2024 will feature a poster session and a workshop program. These sessions will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest research in big data management.

  • Network with other data professionals: ICBDM 2024 provides a great opportunity to network with other data professionals from around the world. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from others, share experiences, and build relationships.

3) Big Data Analytics Symposium 2024

Date: March 14, 2024

Location: Orlando, Florida

Pricing: Pricing has not yet been finalized for this event so keep checking back to the website. 

The Big Data Analytics Symposium 2024 will be a one day series of speakers and networking opportunities designed for students and hosted in partnership with the Women in Data Science (WiDS).

Conference Details:

  • Local Focus and Networking: Connect with fellow data professionals in Florida, including local executives, alumni in the field, and student peers.

  • Real-World Applications: Learn from big data experts about how concepts learned in class translate into practical applications in real-world businesses.

  • Emerging Trends and Technologies: Hear from industry leaders about how they are using key technology players to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

  • Affordable and Accessible: Compared to larger national conferences, the Big Data Analytics Symposium offers a more affordable and accessible option for data professionals.

  • Professional Development: Earn valuable continuing education credits (CEUs) that can help you maintain your professional certifications and advance your career.

4) Big Data & AI World 2024

Date: March 6-7, 2024

Location: London, United Kingdom

Pricing: Free to attend event!

This event will prepare attendees for the next wave of AI-driven digital evolution. It will bring together thousands of experts in technology, data science, and AI innovation.

Conference Details: 

  • Industry Leading Speakers: Hear from world-renowned experts shaping the future of big data and AI as they present a diverse range of topics in insightful sessions.

  • Build Valuable Connections: Connect with thousands of colleagues from around the world and expand your professional network as you share experiences, challenges, and solutions.

  • Discover Cutting-Edge Solutions: Discover innovative technologies reshaping businesses, from driving digital transformation to enhancing operational efficiencies.

  • Hands-On Workshops: Participate in interactive sessions to learn new skills and techniques.

  • Continuing Education: This event will give you the opportunity to earn valuable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.

5) Big Data & Analytics Summit

Date: June 5-6, 2024

Location: Toronto, Canada

Pricing: To find out exact pricing for this event, visit the website to register your interest.

The 2024 Big Data & Analytics Summit connects 10,000+ network professionals that will develop new ideas, learn about industry expertise, and meet accomplished data professionals.

Conference Details:

  • Learning from Case Studies and Real-World Applications: The summit will feature case studies and discussions on real-world applications of big data and analytics. 

  • Gain Practical Skills and Strategies: Workshops and training sessions at the summit will provide hands-on experience and skill development in new and emerging areas of big data.

  • Source Actionable Data Strategies: Learn how to transform your organization’s approach to acquiring and retaining data to improve decision making.

  • C-Suite Data Solution Alignment: Get insights that will drive C-Suite buy-in for all the latest data solutions from AI tools to Data Lakes.

  • Hybrid Conference Model: Enjoy pre-event virtual networking as well as consulting industry experts in both an in-person and virtual exhibitor hall. 

6) DATA 2024

Date: July 9-11,2024

Location: Dijon, France

Pricing: Pre-registration early bird rates vary dependent on the type of author submission, the first deadline is February 15th for regular papers. Regular speaker registration is €535 for INSTICC members, and €595 for regular attendees.

The DATA 2024 conference sponsored by the International Conference on Data Science, Technology, and Applications will focus around databases, big data, data mining, data management, and advanced data applications. 

Conference Details:

  • Learning and Development: Gain in-depth knowledge: Access brand new research and insights from leading experts in data science, technology, and applications.

  • Gain a Global Data Perspective: Interact with data professionals from diverse backgrounds and learn about their experiences and challenges.

  • Affordable registration fees: Compared to similar conferences, DATA 2024 offers registration options at a competitive price.

  • Strong Academic Focus: The event attracts leading researchers and offers opportunities to learn about the latest advancements in data science.

  • Participate in Interactive Sessions: Engage in discussions, Q&A sessions, and hands-on workshops to maximize your learning experience designed by program co-chairs Elhadj Benkhelifa (Staffordshire University), Oleg Gusikhin (Ford Motor Company), and Slimane Hammoudi (ESEO, ERIS). 

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