Integration is a very important part of the business world, but integrating different functions can be difficult for those without a technical background. This article lists the top API integrations that can help you integrate your systems and make your experience as easy and hassle-free as possible.

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What is a Rest API?

A REST API is an interface for accessing, creating, updating, and manipulating resources. It's also known as "RESTful API." The purpose of using a REST API instead of having your own (entirely custom) system is that it increases flexibility and efficiency. For instance, you can use some of the top API integrations to connect with other systems that do not provide an integrated frontend or backend for their APIs. 

Top 100 Rest API Integrations

Here are the top 100 Rest API integrations as of August 2021 and a brief detail about what they let you do. New APIs are always in development. The following list of the top APIs is broken into categories based on where they provide the most value.


  1. Review Trackers API: collect customer review data for performance analysis
  2. Tallyfy API: manage business processes in real-time
  3. Hoshinplan API: access business performance measurement data remotely
  4. SonarAPI: connect several business systems to improve the customer experience
  5. Bizo BizAudience: track statistics about your website’s audience
  6. NetProspex API: get customer data for lead generation
  7. MightyCall API: gather call data from specific calls or phones
  8. Groove API: integrate customer support features through a variety of methods
  9. emfluence API: create customer engagement and performance measurement tools to improve customer retention
  10. Vivocha API: create and manage communication channels to connect with customers online 
  11. Highrise API: manage connections with clients and businesses
  12. PostalMethods API: develop programs to send postal mail to customers
  13. ClientRocket API: use tools to create and manage business loyalty and rewards programs
  14. Totango API: use tools to measure and improve customer engagement on other platforms
  15. Workbooks API: enjoy an integrated CRM and other business applications
  16. Sisense API: leverage data analytics and user management to increase customer success


  1. Salesforce API: connect with the Salesforce platform
  2. Skillsense API: integrate job performance data
  3. Hubspot Lead Nurturing API: use Hubspot to manage sales processes
  4. SellerActive Web API: automate e-commerce processes


  1. PayPal API: allow programs to work with PayPal
  2. Google Adsense API: enable the use of Google Adsense information
  3. Concur API: manage expense reporting remotely
  4. Blockchain API: integrate blockchain with other services
  5. Coin API: collect financial exchange data for reporting apps
  6. CoinDesk API: get information about Bitcoin
  7. ExchangeRate API: receive current exchange rate data
  8. Rates API: see current Forex performance data
  9. Sage Accounting API: report accounting data
  10. Roaring EconomyOverview API: get financial statements for businesses and customers

Outreach/Lead Generation

  1. Google My Business API: manage your Google business page from other programs
  2. Compass Business Data API: find data about businesses
  3. Facebook Business Manager API: access Facebook business platform
  4. Skillsense API: integrate job performance data
  5. CubeTree API: access CubeTree’s social business platform data
  6. SproutVideo API: post business videos online for easy use on social media and business platforms
  7. Traackr API: find and connect with influencers in business-related fields


  1. YouTube Data API: integrate YouTube functionality
  2. Flickr API: enable connections to Flickr from other sources
  3. SelfSurveys API: create automated surveys 
  4. Direct Mail Manager API: manage direct mail campaigns and systems
  5. AWeber API: manage email marketing campaigns
  6. Ontraport API: automate customer information collection
  7. Metamarkets API: access analytics tools for marketing development
  8. Wishpond Marketing Automation API: gather data through marketing automation including visitors, leads, and lists
  9. Pringle API: build an online presence, management tools, community campaigns, and a business marketplace

Geolocation Services

  1. Yelp Fusion API: mine local business directory data from Yelp
  2. Foursquare API: access location data in Foursquare’s database
  3. Microsoft Bing Maps API: enable Bing Maps functionality in other programs
  4. Zoominfo API: integrate business search tools into apps
  5. Fivetran API: use Fivetran’s business data platform
  6. Mapon API: use fleet management and GPS tools for business vehicles
  7. GeoGarage API: get copies of nautical maps for navigation systems
  8. Roaring Establishments API: retrieve business information from a database that includes geolocation and business identification data


  1. Google Analytics Management API: access analytics data
  2. Amazon Product Advertising API: access statistical data from Amazon’s product advertising platform
  3. Twilio API: integrate Twilio’s communications packages with
  4. Wiki-Data API: quickly find legal information about businesses
  5. CrashPlan PRO API: automate data backup and restore functions for disaster planning
  6. KickFire API: gain access to business intelligence and metrics measurement tools
  7. Candice API: access business intelligence tools
  8. QuickBase API: build and maintain business apps with minimal coding
  9. NuORDER API: collect e-commerce data from the platform
  10. GoodData API: create and get data from business performance dashboards
  11. OpenLucius API: create a connection to business collaboration features like document coworking software
  12. Zoho Reports API: create and use business analytics and data visualization tools
  13. Brightpearl API: set up remote access for business management processes
  14. Autotask API: access tools to automate business processes, including billing, employee management and business analysis
  15. Keyedin Projects Reporting API: retrieve reports to be used in other applications
  16. Easy Projects API: create work collaboration apps with API services
  17. Knowvent API: push notifications to other apps 
  18. Sellsy API: gain access to a wide variety of business resources and tools
  19. API: access tools for creating and managing a new business
  20. Playbasis API: gamify different apps to improve user engagement
  21. Barium Live API: automate business processes with custom solutions using software tools
  22. Creately API: use visuals to improve team communication and collaboration on projects
  23. Easy Insight API: easily and securely transmit data to other applications for further use and analysis
  24. Odoo API: access more than 3,000 business apps
  25. Plesk Partner API: control business automation systems for business partners using the key administrator credentials, manage business processes for partners remotely
  26. Boston Predictive Analytics API: access predictive analytics tools
  27. Smooch Sunshine Conversations Webhooks API: connect communications apps to each other so you can communicate across multiple platforms
  28. Indicative API: gather data and create documents and reports that are actionable
  29. Workboard API: improve outcomes using business intelligence and analytics tools
  30. Clearbit Logo API: access Clearbit’s resources in other applications
  31. Voiceably API: create connections with business phone systems
  32. Pitchbook API: integrate financial management and business intelligence features into other applications
  33. Vendasta Reputation Intelligence API: analyze your business’s character on various web services and gather information about your business’s online reputation
  34. Hitachi Pentaho JavaScript API: visualize data to use for business logic, including class inheritance and validation
  35. Yext Knowledge API: access analytics data, listings, reviews, and other user endpoints quickly
  36. Comidor API: promotes business collaboration and project management through a suite of cloud software solutions
  37. Junction Networks Web Services API: leverage business VoIP services and access associated data
  38. Empire Avenue API: enable trades of virtual stocks in bloggers, local businesses, or influencers
  39. Orange Cloud OpenStack API: improve performance and access business services
  40. Corda API: handle up to 600 business transactions a second
  41. Workato API: manage jobs and users via workflow automation and integration
  42. TeamDesk API: access an online database as integration for new applications
  43. BigCommerce Scripa API: add tracking codes and other functionality to a Big Commerce store page
  44. BMC TrueSight Intelligence API: create events, metrics, and measurements
  45. Greenly Carbon Analytics API: measure your carbon footprint to calculate the correct number of offsets
  46. Looker API: integrate data analytics into quality visual reports and dashboards

These are some of the top API integrations you can use, but there are thousands of Rest APIs in this directory. If one of these APIs doesn’t fit your needs, it is possible there are other options that can.

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