Salesforce is one of the most prestigious and lucrative companies in the world, reporting $26.49 billion in total revenue in the 2022 fiscal year. (That's The company's groundbreaking cloud-based software is a revolutionary element for organizations and businesses around the world, helping them automate, streamline, and optimize everything from customer service and marketing to application development and data analytics.

With the massive suite of products produced by Salesforce, the company (and other independent outlets) puts on a wide range of events to showcase its enormous power and business potential. Attending these programs will give users and customers from all walks of business life a leg up on Salesforce use for years to come. While many top Salesforce conferences and events were postponed, canceled, or held online in previous years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year organizers continue to plan many virtual and in-person events in 2023, including hybrid events.

Here’s a list of top Salesforce tech conferences, events, and trade shows you need to attend in 2023. Many of these virtual events include keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, and panel discussions with thought leaders and service providers from top companies.

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Table of Contents

  1. Qcon London 2023
  2. Dreamforce 2023
  3. TrailblazerDX Salesforce Developer Conference 2023
  4. Salesforce Nonprofit Summit 2023
  5. AI Summit and IoT World Conference and Expo 2023
  6. Stories of Resilience Thought Leadership Series
  7. How Can Help You Prepare for the Top Salesforce Conferences and Events

1. QCon London 2023

When: March 27–29, 2023

Where: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, England (in-person and online)

It's not about characters from Star Trek or James Bond, but the technology focus is undoubtedly there at QCon, which takes place in London this year. This conference showcases the best practices and technologies from the world's most innovative software companies. You learn all about emerging trends, explore use cases, and uncover how to implement best practices. Previous speakers include Salesforce VP Cloud Architect (and former security director of the Obama 2012 campaign technology program) Ben Hagen. Be sure to check out what others had to say about #QConLondon on social media.

Tracks for the 2023 conference include the following topics: "Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About," "Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends," "Building Security in Earlier," "Socially Conscious Software," performance, modern frontends and backends, data engineering innovation, sustainability, fintech, management training, and remote and hybrid work. QCon London is scheduled to take place as an in-person or online event on the above dates. You can also view previous events on-demand. 

Cost: Pricing starts from £2,070 in-person ($2,503) and £435 online ($526).

2. Dreamforce 2023

When: September 12–14, 2023

Where: San Francisco, CA (online)

Looking for the top Salesforce conferences and events? Check out Dreamforce, a live broadcast of sessions with a wide range of celebrities and leaders in the field. In 2022, more than 200 on-demand episodes were made available online, each one tailored by role, topic, and industry. As of this writing, Salesforce is accepting email sign-ups to receive conference updates. The details of the conference will be released soon. 

Cost: Registration for this event is free.

3. TrailblazerDX Salesforce Developer Conference 2023 

When: March 7–8, 2023

Where: Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, CA (in-person and select episodes online)

Next on our list of top Salesforce events is the TrailblazerDX Salesforce Developer Conference, a must-attend for all Salesforce developers. Also known as Trailhead and TrailheadX, TrailblazerDX offers a look at new Salesforce products and innovations from engineers and product leaders. Look forward to networking opportunities with other developers and insights and learnings from Salesforce admins and architects.

This comprehensive and engaging conference also boasts workshops, expert-led sessions, connections with colleagues and Salesforce personnel, and fun events. One of the top Salesforce conferences and events in the world,  TrailblazerDX unites developers from across Salesforce Customer 360, Slack, Mulesoft, and Tableau. Organizers describe it as a “world-class learning experience you don’t want to miss.” Register early to save and get a free Salesforce certification exam ($400 value) while supplies last. You can watch the broadcast of select episodes live and on-demand, but onsite offers the full experience.

Cost: Pricing starts at $799.

4. Salesforce Nonprofit Summit 2023

When: TBD

Where: Online

The annual Salesforce Nonprofit Summit helps nonprofit organizations reach audiences, improve fundraising initiatives and engage with the public. This online-only event will feature keynote speakers, fun activities, and a chance to learn about Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud platform. It’s one of the top Salesforce conferences and events. 

“Join the Second Annual Nonprofit Summit from anywhere in the world for a dynamic program full of inspiring speakers, practical tools, and the latest in Nonprofit Cloud innovations,” says Salesforce. “We will explore the impact that relationships and technology have on the global community.” As of this writing, information on this year’s summit has not yet been released. Watch the summit event resources page for updates, or sign up for their newsletter. You can also view highlights from the 2022 Nonprofit Summit.

Cost: Registration is free.

5. AI Summit and IoT World Conference and Expo 2023

When: September 20–21, 2023

Where: Palmer Vent Center in Austin, TX (in-person and some sessions/interviews online)

Salesforce regularly attends the AI Summit and IoT World Conference and Expo. IOTW focuses on the strategies and technology surrounding the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and attracts figures from various digital industries. This year’s Austin event includes big-name leaders in IoT as well as artificial intelligence (AI).

Tracks include industrial and consumer verticals and the tech industry, along with immersive opportunities like analyst breakfast roundtables, the Quantum Computing Summit, a Texas innovation tour, and Austin After Hours. There will also be exhibitors and startups featured at the free-to-visit expo. Workshops cover comprehensive smart environments, standards, intellectual property, and connected health. Speakers included representatives from IBM, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, and much more.

Cost: Prices start at $1,599, and the expo is free. 

6. Stories of Resilience Thought Leadership Series

When: TBD

Where: Online

Stories of Resilience is a weekly thought leadership online seminar hosted by Salesforce to show how business leaders have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Every week, guest speakers will share inspirational stories that will help you navigate these challenging times. This online event promises to change the way you think about your business, making it one of the top Salesforce conferences and events. 

For the first time, Stories of Resilience event took place on January 26, 2022, and featured a conversation with “Queer Eye” host and activist Karamo, who told viewers how to align their purpose, goals, and priorities. No information has been made available for 2023 live broadcasts, but you can sign up for updates on future Leading Through Change episodes. Previous episodes can be viewed with a Salesforce+ membership (sign-up is free).

Cost: TBD

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