If you have ever wanted to track exactly how users are interacting with your product, then you should look into Mixpanel. Mixpanel is a product usage tracking tool that monitors all customer interactions on your app or website and provides you with valuable insights into your product’s user experience so that you can ensure that you are making the best design decisions possible.

Why Use Mixpanel?

If you are selling consumers a product, it is essential for you to understand exactly how they are using that product and responding to it. You could ask them, of course, but a direct question or survey could be unreliable, time-consuming and costly: customers might not respond or, if they do, they may remember what features they used, whether or not they watched a video, etc.

That’s where Mixpanel comes in. Mixpanel is a product usage data tool that tracks every event on a customer’s journey, allowing you to see all of the ways that a user interacted with your app or website. It then provides you with important analytics about that data.

This information is essential for creating a product that your customers want to use. In addition, this kind of customer-focused development will give you a major advantage in today’s marketplace.

The Benefits of a Mixpanel Integration Using Integrate.io

The Mixpanel integration in Integrate.io allows you to pull customer usage data right from Mixpanel and load it into a data warehouse, cloud storage, or any other data destination. Integrate.io can also integrate that data with customer data from other data stores so that you can get a better idea of exactly how customers are using your product. Connect Mixpanel with Salesforce, for example, to learn how website interactions translate into sales. Connect it with support services like Zendesk or Intercom in order to better arm your support team with the tools they need to address a customer’s problem. You can even connect Mixpanel to other sources that gather similar app data in order to get more detailed insights about how a customer uses your app and predict what behaviors they are most likely to engage in.

How Do You Use Integrate.io’s Mixpanel Integration?

It’s easy! You simply select Mixpanel as one of your data sources in your Integrate.io pipeline and choose what data you want to extract from it. We’ll take care of the rest. For more details on how to integrate your Mixpanel data using Integrate.io, click here.

What's next?

There are only two prerequisites that you need to be able to benefit from this new integration:

  • You must sign up or login to the Integrate.io platform and,
  • You must be signed in to Mixpanel. That’s it :).