What Effect Does Organization Have on Sales?

When you’re trying to make a sale, every second counts. And the better organized you are, the more equipped you are to use those seconds wisely.

That’s where Pipedrive comes in. At its core, Pipedrive is an organizational tool designed to ensure that your team is doing the things that will win the most deals. How? It starts by presenting you with a visual pipeline that is split into stages with the highest priority actions on top. Your team then works its way through each scheduled action and continues to move the deals through the pipeline until those deals are won. Everyone knows what to do at each step and they know exactly where to focus their attention at all times.

Additionally, while it’s helping you to close these deals, Pipedrive gathers data on your team’s performance so that you can see where deals are getting stuck and which team members are struggling to close deals. These insights allow you to improve the organization and efficiency of your sales process so that you can achieve long-term success and growth.

How Can the Pipedrive Integration with Integrate.io Help?

Pipedrive doesn’t just keep your team on task so that it can win more deals - it also produces a wealth of valuable data that Integrate.io can help you make the most out of. Specifically, Integrate.io can help you both analyze your Pipedrive data on its own and integrate it with other data sources to bolster your sales performance.

First, integrating your Pipedrive data on Integrate.io can help you organize it and conduct useful analytics that you can use to gain key insights and improve your business strategies.

You can also integrate your Pipedrive data with other sources for various benefits. Integrating it with a data enrichment tool or an analytics tool - like Google Analytics, for example - can help you both optimize your customer data and better understand the effectiveness of your efforts. This, in turn, can help you increase conversions and obtain more accurate predictive analytics. Alternatively, examining a wider variety of performance metrics could help you gauge where your sales team should focus on improving.

Finally, you could also integrate Pipedrive with any data source that provides you with sales or revenue data to get more accurate profit analytics.

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How Do You Integrate Pipedrive with Integrate.io?

Just like Pipedrive, we are here to make your life easier. To use the Pipedrive integration with Integrate.io, you simply:

  • Select Pipedrive from our list of data stores
  • Choose which data sources, if any, you want to integrate Pipedrive with
  • Select whatever transformations you need, if any, to prepare your data the way you want it, and
  • Tell us where it needs to go.

That’s all you need to do! We will deliver the data whenever and however you want it, and you can sit back and let us (and Pipedrive) make your sales team as efficient as possible.

If you want a more detailed description of how to use our Pipedrive integration, check out the integration page here.