is a proud sponsor of Salt Lake City's Women in Tech event hosted on June 27th at Kiln Space. Here at we believe that diverse teams create better products and better customer experiences. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with GO1 to create a space for women to learn from each other and create new connections.  

After some networking, our event kicked off with our Success Engineer, Ellie, giving a presentation about how to make your workspace more inclusive. Did you know that many women who enter technology and engineering fields end up leaving? Ellie's presentation had advice for managers as well as any other employee who wants to make sure that their coworkers feel comfortable. The most important takeaways from the presentation were: 

  • Offer bias training to your employees, but especially your managers. Everyone has a bias blind spot, but those who are unaware of their own bias are more likely to let their bias influence their decisions.
  • Don't rely on self-promotion and standardize your hiring & promotion criteria. Women are less likely than men to ask for promotions, even if they are just as qualified.  Additionally, formalizing your promotion criteria can reduce implicit bias in promotion decisions.
  • Ask your coworkers if there's anything you can do. Being a minority at your workspace can create unique and uncomfortable situations. Your coworkers may feel uncomfortable bringing up these situations on their own, but will feel more comfortable sharing if you offer help first.

We had a panel of amazing women who discussed their experience working in tech. They had some great advice and insights on life in the tech industry and answered questions from or audience.

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Looking back, it was a great event and the strong turnout really showed the large number of women working in tech in the Salt Lake City region. We look forward to working on similar events in the future and hope to see some of you in attendance!