As we push towards our goal of simplifying the preparation and moving of data into a non-disruptive activity in your workflow, we are continuing to integrate with the most popular tools out there (or most frequently requested from our awesome customers, because, hey - customer service :)

Hooked on HipChat

HipChat is a great platform that hosts group chat rooms and video chats for real-time team collaboration. It’s super popular with those in the know, and we knew it would be spot on with many of our user’s needs. So, we integrated it with Xplenty’s data integration platform.

How does Xplenty integrate with HipChat?

It’s a quick integration with Xplenty’s HipChat hooks. Just generate (or reuse) a HipChat API v2 token to be used by Xplenty to post content into your HipChat room. After the hook is created, your HipChat room will be sent notifications every time events take place, allowing you to get real-time updates about your account activity into your HipChat rooms.

How to setup HipChat with Xplenty?

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to create a HipChat hook with Xplenty. In a few minutes, you will get real-time notifications into your HipChat rooms.

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