Maxime Verger-Del Bove
Work4 Software Engineer
Industry: Information Technology & Services
Location: San Francisco, CA
Company Size: 51-200 Employees


  • Ensuring that the data we have in our data stores are accurate and are not tainted with error and bots.
  • Maintaining a flexible data structure that can be changed often and painlessly.
  • Data migration is costly in both time and resources.
  • Continuously having to manually monitor and find data issues before it causes a problem.
  • Other tools required us to use expensive resources for coding and maintenance.


  •’s flexible data migration tool saves Work4 time and money by delivering error-free data without using development resources.


  • Everyone at Work4 can easily push new data in our data store without the need for a developer.
  • Work4 saves valuable time and money by using, allowing the company to focus on product development.
  • Work4 no longer has monitoring issues.
  • support helps Work4 solve data inconsistencies and data model issues that arise.

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Work4 integrates billions of error-free records without development resources



Work4 helps Fortune 500 companies connect with talent on social networks such as Facebook. Work4’s technology and advanced analytics enable enterprises to extend their employer brands, drive referrals organically and target specific profiles through Facebook Ads.

Use Case

Migrate billions of data points into a data store without errors and the need for developer support

With, everything is seamless and flexible. You actually enjoy doing data migration. In the past, it was a nightmare, and now you want to push data all the time, and it’s very cool.
Maxime Verger-Del Bove
Maxime Verger-Del Bove
Work4 Software Engineer

Work4 Refocuses Resources on Product Development

Before using, Work4 was using an ETL tool, but it required a lot of manual work to develop and maintain a code which made data integration possible. The solution was clumsy and, to push data, several developers needed to dedicate a few days to the process. Finally, the team got to a point where they were allocating too many resources to analytics management and decided to look for a better solution. With’s ETL tool, data migration could be done with just a few clicks, freeing up developers to improve Work4’s product. Crunching data went from painful to pleasurable.

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