How to Drive Adoption and Enablement in a Remote Environment

Remote teams need motivation and tools to adopt the latest technology solutions. Here's a video demonstration of how to enable widespread Salesforce adoption using documentation tools from Spekit.
Leonard Linde
Keynote Speaker
Melanie Fellay
CEO & Cofounder of Spekit
Areas We Will Cover
Documenting Salesforce Instance, Technology Adoption

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How to Drive Adoption and Enablement in a Remote Environment

Melanie Fellay of Spekit offers an in-depth examination of workplace adoption of new technologies. She focuses on the problem of widespread adoption in particular for remote workforces and among those reluctant to take on new procedures. She goes on to describe how leaders can motivate teams to increase adoption rates by focusing on the key factors that prevent adoption in the first place. She then offers a step-by-step introduction to her company's product, Spekit, and how it makes documentation in Salesforce more efficient and easy to implement.

This talk is of interest to all managers, whether they lead in-office or remote teams. Fellay offers extraordinary insights into the nature of technology adoption and how basic psychological factors, as well as available tools, prevent companies from utilizing the most efficient and up-to-date technology solutions. She provides background on the development of her company's product, Spekit, and how it grew out of a need to find a way to solve the problem with documentation lapses in her own work environments.

The talk includes a real-time demonstration using Spekit and Salesforce. This engaging and informative discussion will help anyone who needs to close the gaps between Salesforce implementation and widespread adoption with efficiency and expediency.

  • The importance of Salesforce documentation [00:05:52]
  • Improving the way leaders drive technology adoption in the workplace [00:09:10]
  • Strategies to implement Salesforce documentation [00:16:36]
  • Reinforcement and microlearning help with technology and process adoption [00:28:17]
  • How the Spekit solution helps with adoption [00:31:40]
  • Spekit demonstration using Salesforce [00:37:44]
  • Customizable templates in Spekit [00:51:08]


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