Iterate Faster with Better Data & Supercharge Your Growth

Director of Marketing Casey Holston covers how Broughton Partners, a legal marketing firm, uses Integrate.io to implement near-real-time marketing campaigns through faster iteration with better data.
Leonard Linde
Keynote Speaker
Casey Holston
Director of Marketing, Broughton Partners
Areas We Will Cover

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Iterate Faster with Better Data & Supercharge Your Growth

  • 2:23 Case acquisition trajectory and overview of their progress and goals
  • 5:38 How did Broughton Partners achieve near-real-time marketing?
  • 8:06 Broughton Partners and Tableau
  • 13:23 Broughton Partners and Integrate.io
  • 23:30 Using Google BigQuery to combine data in new and interesting ways
  • 26:28 What did these solution changes do to Tableau?
  • 32:28 How Kilpfolio became useful again
  • 33:42 Next steps using Datorama


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