Optimizing Your Data Strategy with Modern ETL

ETL and ELT both have important roles to play in a modern data strategy. In this presentation, we look at how both can be combined to create an optimized data strategy with ETLT
Mark Smallcombe
CTO, Integrate.io
Keynote Speaker
Noel Yuhanna
VP Principal Analyst, Forrester
Areas We Will Cover
Data Strategy, Data Pipelining, Data Modeling, Data Security, Compliance, ETLT Rollout Example

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Optimizing Your Data Strategy with Modern ETL

About the speakers
Mark Smallcombe, CTO, Integrate.io
Mark has more than 20 years of Technology and Software Engineering Executive-level Leadership experience including CTO, VPE, and Director-level positions. I have a track record of success in assembling, leading and working with engineers to build consumer-based products that compete successfully in the marketplace.
Noel Yuhanna, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester
Noel has over 25 years of experience in IT and has held various technical and management positions. He has taught several technical and management workshops on big data, data management, data integration, building scalable apps, and more!
We needed to transform and import financial data from our data warehouse into Salesforce on a weekly basis. Sales team were not pushy and wanted to understand the use case and wanted to make sure the product was the correct fit for the use case. Easy to learn and very effective.
– Callum S.
Easy and intuitive UI, great and current documentation. The Integrate.io Support team is pretty awesome, too!
– Bill H.
Integrate.io saves us lots of developers hours (internal and external), simplify data integration and cancel the need in many Salesforce Apex Codes. Within minutes, you can create any process you want from multiple data sources for your needs.
– Shachar A.

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