As businesses become more reliant on data to drive growth, the use of data warehouse platforms is becoming increasingly important. Data warehouse platforms provide a centralized location for companies to easily store, manage, and analyze their data.

Here are five key takeaways from this comparison:

  • Data warehouse tools are used to integrate data from various sources and provide companies with a single source of truth.
  • ETL and ELT are the common processes used to integrate data inside data warehouses. Various tools exist to help organizations complete these processes.
  • Airbyte provides ETL and ELT capabilities and features 100+ pre-built connectors for data integration.
  • Fivetran focuses on ELT and provides pre-built SQL models.
  • is different than other tools, as it provides low-code/no-code data pipeline development with over 140 pre-built integrations.

In this article, we compare three popular data integration platforms: Airbyte, Fivetran, and We'll dive into key features such as pre-built connectors, pricing options, and customer support availability.

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Comparison Overview




  • ETL & ELT
  • Custom connectors
  • Custom SQL data transformations
  • ELT only
  • Pre-built SQL models
  • Salesforce integration
  • Low-code/no-code
  • ETL & ELT
  • Enterprise security

Pre-Built Connectors





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Customer Support

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Unlimited phone and video support for all customers

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Who Should Use Airbyte?

Rating: 4.3/5.0 (G2)

Airbyte is an ideal tool for businesses with ETL and ELT needs. Airbyte offers an easy and reliable way to transfer data between different sources and destinations. It also features a powerful CDK that helps developers accelerate development, making it perfect for engineers. 

Airbyte offers compatibility with more than 20 destinations, making it an ideal solution when other ELT tools don't support the desired destination.

Furthermore, the platform is designed for easy onboarding and debugging and has a built-in replication engine for reliable data replication. With Airbyte, businesses can be sure that their data is secure and up-to-date.

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Who Should Use Fivetran?

Rating: 4.2/5.0 (G2)

Fivetran is a solid option for those without any ETL knowledge, as it provides a straightforward and cost-efficient way to establish basic extract and load processes.

In addition, those with SQL coding skills can gain from Fivetran's transformation features, maximizing the platform's capabilities. Fivetran also features pre-made SQL models, reducing the development process significantly and making their services more versatile.

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Who Should Use

Rating: 4.3/5.0 (G2) is the ideal solution for businesses needing high-volume data integrations and complex data transformation workflows. It allows any user to connect data sources to any destination, regardless of their tech experience. enables organizations to easily manage their data integration processes, giving them the power to quickly develop complex data pipelines and use them to make better business decisions.


When selecting a platform for your business, it's vital to ensure it has all the features you need. To help you decide, here's a comparison of the features offered by each tool.


Airbyte boasts a vast selection of open-source connectors, which are updated monthly, and users can implement custom connectors to facilitate the data integration process even further. 

The platform's cloud-native scalability and distributed environment allow businesses to manage data flows without interruptions.

In addition, Airbyte also provides users with API access and a data privacy policy that helps avoid compliance issues by enabling users to keep their data within their own infrastructure.


Fivetran is a data replication platform that makes moving data between sources and destinations easy. It offers many native connectors, allowing users to easily connect their sources and replicate data with just a few clicks. 

Additionally, Fivetran provides automatic schema migration, allowing users to quickly set up and manage their data pipelines without manually rebuilding their entire pipeline or experiencing downtime.

However, Fivetran does have a limited number of supported destinations, so it may not be suitable for those who need to integrate with many different applications. is a no-code ETL and ELT tool that allows you to easily control and filter the data that goes to your data destination. You also have the option to use their REST API connector and custom integrations. 

This platform is perfect for large data volumes, allowing you to manage in-pipeline data transformations before loading.

With, you have various customization features at your disposal, including but not limited to rich expression language, advanced API, and webhooks—all helping you build your connection process in just a few minutes.

Pre-Built Connectors

When it comes to pre-built connectors, there are various options available. It's important to understand how each tool differs in terms of pre-built connectors to make the best choice.


Airbyte provides users with over 100 data connectors to various platforms such as warehouses, databases, marketing analytics tools, sales and finance tools, and engineering platforms. With such a wide range of connectors, organizations can easily move data between multiple systems.


Fivetran provides over 300 connectors compatible with any source and destination. Moreover, the platform offers a "Function connector," allowing developers to create custom connectors not present on Fivetran's list.

With 140+ pre-built connectors, users can connect their systems, applications, and databases. also offers a REST API to help users create custom integrations tailored to their specific needs.

Custom Connector Development

The ability to develop and maintain custom connectors in data integration platforms is critical to ensure users can tailor data integrations to their unique needs. Custom connectors also provide a level of flexibility and scalability that's not always available with pre-built connectors. 

Here's how each platform compares in terms of custom connector development.


Given that Airbyte is open-source, developers can create custom integrations using Python. However, to do so successfully, they must first become well-versed in the source documentation of Airbyte and its CDK framework. They also need to maintain these custom-built connectors and troubleshoot any issues that might arise.


Fivetran requires clients to build and maintain their connectors using cloud functions. This process requires being comfortable with the API documentation, deploying a serverless cloud function, and ensuring everything works properly. If malfunctions occur in the future, they must also maintain the deployed cloud function.

With, users can set up advanced ETL processes without needing a team of developers. However, the platform still offers all the power of an enterprise-grade ETL solution, so users can choose between various options, including cloud-based services, connectors, and platforms.


In terms of pricing, ETL platforms offer either usage-based pricing models or flat fees. Either way, it's important to understand each pricing model and select the one that best fits your organization's needs.


Airbyte's pricing model is designed for users of all sizes and budgets. For those on a budget or just starting out, Airbyte offers a free plan with limited capabilities.

For those who need more features, such as cloud hosting and multiple workspaces, the payment plans start at $2.50 per credit. They also offer an enterprise custom plan for those businesses that require higher usage or customization of the platform.


The cost of Fivetran depends on the amount of data you have. You will be charged whenever a connector adds, changes, or removes a row in your destination.

By charging a fixed rate per connection, helps you plan and budget your costs more accurately. This way, you can predict your monthly expenses regardless of the amount of data your organization generates.

Customer Support

Customer support is an important factor when deciding on a data integration platform, as it guarantees users have access to the necessary resources to install and manage it.


Airbyte offers both an open-source version supported by a community of users and a cloud version with in-app chat support, promising a one-hour response time. Comprehensive documentation and tutorials are also available to all users.


Fivetran provides free customer support to users, with a subscription to the most expensive service tier guaranteeing a faster response time. delivers excellent customer support regardless of your payment plan. Whether using two or a thousand connections, you can contact their integration specialists to help you create integrations or transformation workflows.

Other Platforms to Compare

With a wide selection available to choose from, the right platform for you will depend on the specific data needs of your organization. Therefore, it's essential to thoroughly research and consider all available platforms before making a final decision. 

Here are other popular options you should consider:

Airbyte vs. Fivetran vs. The Final Verdict

In conclusion, is an excellent option for businesses looking for an easy way to manage data flow between systems. The platform offers various features that allow you to make better data-based decisions, and our experts are available to help guide you through the process of getting started.