The data-driven culture cultivated in modern-day organizations is focused on deriving the best possible business insights from their data. With data scattered across the globe, these organizations' most significant challenge is to break the silos of their decentralized data and gather new data for analysis in real-time.

To address the data silo problem, data engineering brought forward solutions like ETL, ELT, and data integration tools. Today these tools have advanced to incorporate the automation of ETL processes. One of these tools being used by organizations today is Airbyte.

Airbyte is an open-source ELT tool popular for its automated ELT and custom data pipelining solutions. Despite being famous for its open-source offerings, Airbyte brings its share of shortcomings. Fortunately, with the rapid advancement of technology, the data integration tool market is filled with options you can use as an alternative to Airbyte.

In this article, we have put together a list of the Top 6 Airbyte Alternatives to help you find the data integration platform that best fits your modern data stack.

Table of Contents

What is Airbyte?

What are the Disadvantages of using Airbyte?

Top 6 Alternatives to Airbyte

Which Airbyte Alternative Should You Choose?

What is Airbyte?

Airbyte is an open-source data integration platform built in 2020. It is a cloud-native ELT solution with over 200 data connectors. The platform gets support from is supported by a growing contributor community that contributes and maintains its long tail of customizable connectors. In April 2022, Airbyte released a Cloud offer with its latest pricing model that distinguishes databases from files and APIs

The open-source version of Airbyte can be self-hosted. Airbyte also provides an enterprise version with its cloud for hosting and management based on a custom pricing model. Airbyte offers custom SQL data transformations post-loading at the destination level. It also provides a connector development kit (CDK) for users to build their connectors from scratch.

The platform is popular among developers for its modular architecture and task automation. The modularity allows developers to trigger specific events individually, e.g., data loading or extraction. Moreover, Airbyte automates other jobs like data orchestration, monitoring, and event scheduling, so its users can focus on their ELT workflows.

Key Features of Airbyte

The following main features characterize Airbyte’s data integration platform: is characterized by the following main features:

  • Connector Development Kit (CDK): Airbyte’s CDK allows users to build custom connectors within 2 hours in any language of their choice.

  • Open-source connectors: Airbyte has a long line of built-in, open-source connectors contributed by its users. The platform automates adaptation to schema changes and updates.

  • Custom Transformations: Airbyte gives its users complete control of their data transformations. Its custom transformations through SQL or dbt allow users to transform required data selectively and quickly.

  • Data Privacy: Airbyte’s open-source and self-hosted version minimizes the risk to data privacy. Users can keep their data in their infrastructure, keeping private data secure without compliance issues. 

  • Alerts & Notifications: Airbyte comes with a monitoring functionality that reacts automatically to is automatically triggered by changes and notifies the users of real-time data changes or problems. issues.

What are the Disadvantages of using Airbyte?

Despite being a popular ELT solution, Airbyte can only perform well for limited business use cases. There are many use cases where Airbyte’s data pipelining features are often overshadowed by its technical downsides. Following are some of Airbyte’s disadvantages that can be a reason for users to look for its alternative solutions:

  • Inconvenient For Beginners: Airbyte is a developer-friendly platform that can be difficult for non-technical users to set up their custom connectors. The platform requires its users to have some background technical knowledge.

  • Requires Abundant Technical Resources: Setting up data pipelines in Airbyte can take up significant engineering bandwidth to build and maintain the connectors.

  • No Preload Transformations: Airbyte is an ELT solution that does not support preload transformations. Users can only perform transformations in the data warehouse once the data is loaded.

  • Lack of Effective Error-Handling: Airbyte’s error-handling capabilities often fail to keep up with its frequently updated releases.

  • Lack of Training Services: Despite a large developer community, Airbyte’s lack of training services creates a high learning curve for business users despite a large developer community. It makes it challenging for new users to understand Airbyte’s technical UI and tools.

  • Non-Transparent Pricing Model: The cloud hosting offered by Airbyte makes it difficult for businesses to develop budgeting strategies. A custom pricing model often comes with hidden charges that are not transparent before purchasing.

Top 6 Alternatives to Airbyte

This article will cover six data integration platforms offering alternative solutions to Airbyte. We will discuss the details of their features and advantages that you can substitute for Airbyte’s limited ELT capabilities.

Here’s a list of the Top 6 Airbyte alternatives:


  2. Fivetran

  3. Stitch 

  4. Hevo Data

  5. Matillion

  6. Supermetrics as an Alternative to Airbyte is a data integration platform founded in 2012. It is mainly particularly built for e-commerce organizations and offers them multiple solutions, including low-code and ELT integrations. Its simple user interface entails drag-and-drop features for quickly designing and executing data pipelines securely and flexibly. in the most secure and flexible manner. features 100+ ready-to-use connectors for various data sources and destinations, including popular databases and business intelligence tools. In addition to its pre-built connectors, Integrate also offers custom integrations to uncommon sources with its native REST API connector.

The target audience of Integrate includes both ETL novice and advanced users. Beginners can leverage its simple UI and low-code data transformations for their data integration needs. Whereas,On the other hand, Integrate's advanced API, rich expression language, and customization options cater to are meant for its advanced users. 

Integrate offers a scalable approach to data integration that grows with your data without impacting the performance of integrations. 

Integrate key features

  • In-pipeline transformations: Integrate supports a powerful data engine to manage in-pipeline data transformations. Data transformation before loading eliminates computing costs for tour data warehouses. This feature proves to be very cost-effective for ingesting large data volumes.

  • Advanced monitoring: simplifies troubleshooting problems and prevents integration issues with its advanced monitoring and logging features. Integrate provides tracking metrics for monitoring your progress live. Moreover, these metrics compute projected time-to-complete for integrations of large volumes of data. Integrate's monitoring logs offer a deep dive into your integration problems to prevent disasters.

  • Customization: Integrate provides a range of customization features, including X-console, rich expression language, advanced API, and webhooks, for users to customize the platform as they please.

  • Flexibility: From low-code transformations to customizable manual transformations, Integrate flexibly caters to new as well as advanced users.

  • Single Source of Truth: Integrate acts as a single source of truth that allows users to combine data from multiple sources to deliver to a single destination.

Integrate advantages over Airbyte

  • Connector Database: Integrate stores its user's custom connectors in an extensive database to add to its list of connectors. If a user is still struggling to build connections, Integrate's integration specialists can guide them.

  • E-commerce Connectors: The focus of's platform are e-commerce organizations with integration requirements for their customer data. Integrate offers unique e-commerce connectors, including Shopify, Salesforce, GitHub, Azure Synapse, Marketo, and 100+ more

  • Transformation Options: In addition to both pre and post-load data transformations, Integrate offers options for both manual and automated transformations

  • Data Security: gives the number one priority to protect data in all forms, i.e., physical and digital. From connecting with Integrate to using and paying for their services, your personal and business data will always be safe.

  • Transparent Pricing Model: Integrate has a unique pricing model that charges its user based on the number of connectors they use, with a flat monthly rate. Integrate's flat-rate pricing makes costs manageable and predictable when working with large volumes of data with complex workflows

  • Customer Support: Integrate offers equal and unlimited support to all its users through phone calls, videos, texts, and email support. Integrate's customer service is highly efficient and responsive that attends to users of all Integrate tiers.

Fivetran as an Alternative to Airbyte

Fivetran is a cloud-based data integration platform created in 2012. It is an ELT solution that provides data extraction and loading functionality with its 160+ ready-to-use connectors. The data transformation takes place inside the data warehouse after data loading using copy-and-paste SQL.

Fivetran provides an automated data ingestion solution that generates querying-ready schemas. Maintaining synchronization between data sources and destination It ensures the most accurate data access by maintaining synchronization between data sources and destinations. Its connectors are designed to automatically adapt to API and schema changes to ensure the maintenance of data integrity.

Fivetran is famous for its automated data integrations and querying-ready schemas.

Fivetran charges its users based on monthly active rows. It is an expensive solution compared to other data integration tools.

Fivetran key features

Following are some of the key features offered by Fivetran's ELT solutions:

  • Post-load transformations: Data transformations in Fivetran take place inside the destination data warehouse. The data is loaded in its unstructured form and prepared for analysis after loading.

  • Data Synchronization: Fivetran optimizes data synching by replicating only relevant data in the warehouses. It offers data blocking for protecting sensitive data. Users can omit tables or fields they do not want to sync to the destination warehouse.

  • Optimized Loading: Fivetran maintains data accuracy through incremental updates of data changes. Its efficient data loading allows the platform to reduce loading tasks associated with data updates. Fivetran optimizes data loading to minimize the loading burden on cloud data warehouses

Fivetran advantages over Airbyte

  • Easy to use:  Fivetran users can quickly get startstarted start with their ELT processes using its simple, friendly interface.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Fivetran offers comprehensive documentation is comprehensively documented to assist its novice users in setting up their connectors.

Stitch as an Alternative to Airbyte

Stitch is a cloud-based data integration tool built in 2016. The platform is designed to offer simple, extensible ETL to data teams. It is a lightweight tool that enables users to move large amounts of data from 130+ SaaS applications and databases into data lakes and warehouses. Talend acquired Stitch in 2018.

With a user-friendly interface and no-code data pipelining solutions, Stitch enables business teams to forget about building and managing connectors and instead focus on data analytics. It comes with a transparent pricing model with charges based on the volume of data ingestion.

Stitch key features

Following are some of the key features offered by Stitch:

  • Transparent Pipelines: Stitch visually represents offers a visual representation of data pipelines with its orchestration functions. Users can view their data movement and manage their scheduling, monitoring, and error handling transparently.

  • Data Control: Stitch allows users to control their data throughout the data lifecycle. Users have complete control over their data replication decisions. 

  • Availability: Stitch ensures data availability whenever and wherever the user requires it.  

  • Data Refinement: Besides In addition to data integration, the platform ensures all its users' other data needs are met. These include data sorting, combining, adding, and enrichment.

Stitch advantages over Airbyte

The following are the advantages provided by Stitch over Airbyte:

  • Ease-of-Use: Stitch offers a simple user interface that allows new or non-technical business users to configure their data connectors without any code required.

  • Data-Type Conversion: Stitch effectively takes care of data-type and schema conversion.

Hevo Data as an Alternative to Airbyte

Hevo Data is a data integration platform founded in 2017. It is a no-code integration solution that supports both ETL and ELT processes. Its solutions involve end-to-end pipelines that pull data from over 150+ data sources, transform it for analysis, and load it to destination warehouses. 

The user interface in Hevo provides simple drag-and-drop features for the convenience of its users. Data extraction, transformation, and loading in Hevo Data are entirely automated. The platform allows users to transform their data before and after data ingestion. The pipelines offered by Hevo are built to scale with growing business needs. Hevo's automated data pipelining solution is designed for businesses to reduce the time it takes them to set up their data for analysis and reporting.

Hevo charges its users based on the number of events they trigger, i.e., data updates or inserts. Its pricing plan is divided into three tiers, including a free plan. 

Hevo Data key features

  • Automated end-to-end pipelines: Hevo completely automates data integration from the source end to the target end. Hevo's automated data pipelines are quick to set up and require minimal maintenance. 

  • Data Transformations: Hevo supports both preloading and post-loading transformations. The users are in complete control of their transformations. Their choice of transformation does not affect Hevo's data-loading performance.

  • Incremental Data Loading: Hevo's incremental data loading feature ensures that users efficiently utilize their bandwidth. This feature allows modified data to be loaded in real-time.

  • Automated schema management: This feature enables Hevo to cater to source data changes in real time and maintain synchronization between source and destination.

Hevo Data advantages over Airbyte

  • Preload Transformations: Hevo's drag-and-drop interface allows users to perform in-house data transformations

  • Error-Handling: Through automatic schema management, Hevo handles schema errors by mapping source schema with the target warehouse.

  • Real-Time Data Access: Based on the API limits of SaaS applications, Hevo's log-based data replication enables users to access their destination data in near real-time

Matillion as an Alternative to Airbyte

Matillion is a cloud-native data integration solution created in 2011. Matillion is a one-stop solution designed for businesses to fulfill their data integration, transformation, and business intelligence requirements with a single tool.

The platform has 100+ built-in connectors for integrating various SaaS data sources. It has a simple interface for users to quickly and easily set up their data workflows in Matillion without writing any SQL code. Its automation services allow users to perform their ETL processes to deliver analysis-ready data with minimal manual intervention.

Matillion offers a consumption-based pricing model with four tiers, including a free platform version.

Matillion key features

Following are some of the main features of Matillion:

  • Set-up Wizard: Matillion has an intuitive user interface that guides its users through each step of setting up, enabling them to set up multiple data pipelines easily. 

  • Create-Your-Own-Connector Framework: In addition to its pre-built connectors, Matillion offers a framework for its uses to build custom connectors to any Rest API source system.

  • Data Transformations: Matillion’s ETL tool allows users to perform GUI-based data transformations on business data to uncover meaningful insights, enabling them to send analysis-ready data to the destination warehouses.

  • Ticket-Based Customer Support: Matillion provides a ticketing system for users to interact with its support features and ask for help.

Matillion advantages over Airbyte

Matillion offers the following benefits that Airbyte lacks:

  • Transformation Feature: Matillion’s visual data transformation enables users to organize their data for data modeling and transformation before ingestion.

  • Intuitive Platform: Matillion has user-friendly data orchestration features that support multiple languages, including Python, SQL, bash, and more.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Matillion’s set-up support and a team of data experts guide its users and resolve their doubts at every step.

  • Efficient Error-Handling: Matillion's approach to error-handling is fast and efficient.

Supermetrics as an Alternative to Airbyte

Supermetrics is a cloud-based data integration platform for marketing and analytics founded in 2013. The platform is designed for marketing and sales teams to integrate their data for a holistic view of their marketing data so they can see where they require improvements in their campaigns.

Supermetrics allows users to extract, transform and load their data from marketing data sources to data lakes, warehouses, or directly into their reporting and analytics tools. Its ETL solutions offer 100+ marketing and sales connectors. It also provides a suggestion option for users to suggest connectors missing from Supermetrics' pre-built list of connectors.

Supermetrics offers fixed pricing based on the number of data sources, users, and accounts. Users can avail of a 14-day, cardless free trial for testing the platform.

Supermetrics key features

  • Marketing Connectors: Supermetrics includes built-in connectors built explicitly for moving data between marketing and reporting platforms.

  • Usability: Supermetrics covers a wide range of data needs, including data analysis in a spreadsheet, data visualization in a dashboard, business analytics in a BI tool, or data integration into a data warehouse.

  • Query Manager: Supermetrics provides a Query Manager for business users to preview the data that the data team is about to transfer. This feature gives marketers complete control over the data transfer without language barriers.

  • Denormalized Schemas: Supermetrics uses denormalized schemas for decreased table joining complexity. This feature allows the platform to deliver analytics-ready data out of the box.

Supermetrics advantages over Airbyte

  • User-friendly Interface: The user-friendly UI in Supermetrics allows marketing and business users to create and run queries on triggers.

  • Usability: Supermetrics provides many a multitude of metrics and dimensions for users to choose from.

  • Technical Support: Supermetrics houses a team of efficient data experts offering technical support for user queries.

Which Airbyte Alternative Should You Choose?

Now that you have a list of Airbyte alternatives, you can evaluate their features and benefits to select the best tool for your data integration needs.  The one tool from this list that comes closest to doing it all is All the other options discussed in this article are suited for different business use cases, and no one tool can do it all for you. The one tool from this list that comes closest to doing it all is is the most efficient ETL/ELT solution for your growing business needs. It can take care of your voluminous data requirements without compromising data quality. is a flexible tool that serves beginner and advanced users alike. Its flat-rate pricing makes it an affordable platform for small to large businesses and even scaling businesses. 

If you have big data integration requirements and are looking for a scalable and flexible solution, look no further. Get in touch with us at Schedule a call with our integration specialists today and check out for yourself.