With 42 percent of Americans still working from home, we're using TVs for more than just Netflix. These viewing screens double up as dynamic digital dashboards, displaying powerful SaaS metrics that power your business. Whether you're working from home or the office, turning your TV into a SaaS KPI dashboard is simple. Five tools are all you need.

  • A data source such as Google Sheets.
  • Integrate.io — the no-code ETL solution that extracts data from various sources, transforms the data into a usable format and keeps it in a centralized location. 
  • A data warehouse such as Google BigQuery.
  • Google Data Studio.
  • Screen Cloud.

This guide shows you how to bring business metrics to the small screen with your very own custom SaaS KPI dashboard. 

Table of Contents

  1. 4 Steps to Turning Your TV Into a Saas KPI Dashboard 
  2. Why Turn Your TV Into a SaaS KPI Dashboard?
  3. What Can You Display on Your TV SaaS KPI Dashboard?
  4. Step 1: Choose a Data Source for Your SaaS KPI Dashboard
  5. Step 2: Extract, Transform, and Load Data for Your SaaS KPI Dashboard 
  6. Step 3: Data Visualizations for Your SaaS KPI Dashboard 
  7. Step 4: Use ScreenCloud to Display Your SaaS KPI Dashboard on a TV
  8. Why Integrate.io is Vital When Creating Your Next SaaS KPI Dashboard

4 Steps to Turning Your TV Into a SaaS KPI Dashboard 

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  1. Choose a data source containing the information you wish to display on your TV. For this guide, we'll be using Google Sheets.
  2. Use Integrate.io ETL to extract data from your data source, transform the data, and load it into a centralized location such as Google BigQuery.
  3. Visualize the data using Google Data Studio.
  4. Use ScreenCloud to display data on your TV. 

Why Turn Your TV Into a SaaS KPI Dashboard?


Viewing SaaS metrics on your TV provides you with unparalleled business intelligence

  • Improve team performance, whether at home or the office.
  • Visualize data on a bigger screen, allowing larger groups of people in your office to view data. 
  • Limited space on a TV screen encourages you to focus on specific data.
  • Improve customer success. 

What Can You Display on Your TV SaaS KPI Dashboard?

You may display all kinds of SaaS metrics and actionable insights on your TV dashboard:

  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Customer churn rate
  • Lead velocity rate
  • Expansion revenue
  • The average revenue per account (ARPA)
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Net promoter score (NPS)
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Conversion rate
  • New customers
  • Pricing insights
  • Number of subscribers or stakeholders
  • Other big data types from your ERP, CRM, or other data sources

Step 1: Choose a Data Source for Your SaaS Metrics Dashboard

You may view data from all sources (Excel, Zoho, Google Docs, etc.)on your TV, but in this guide, we're focusing on how you can display Google Sheets on your small screen.

Google Sheets is a brilliant source for SaaS metrics. Multiple people in your organization can edit these spreadsheets, and Sheets automatically saves every change. When you turn your TV into a SaaS KPI dashboard, you may view data from Google Sheets on the small screen from any location.

Example: You work from home because of the pandemic but only have a laptop that you require for other tasks. Viewing Google Sheets on your TV provides you with the business insights you need while away from the office. 

Read more about letting Integrate.io access your Google Sheets data here


Step 2: Extract, Transform, and Load Data From Google Sheets for Your SaaS KPI Dashboard 

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First, extract data from Google Sheets, transform the data into the correct format, and load it into a data warehouse such as Google BigQuery.

Integrate.io does this all for you. It's an ETL solution that requires no code, so you can turn your TV into a SaaS KPI dashboard even if you have no coding or data engineering experience. 

Here's what happens:

  • Integrate.io extracts SaaS KPI data from a Google Sheet that contains the metrics you want to display on your TV. 
  • Integrate.io data flows transform the data from the Google Sheet into a usable format. The data flows clean the data fields, perform calculations, and prepare the data for a data warehouse.
  • Integrate.io loads the data into a data warehouse such as Google BigQuery.

Now the data is ready for Google Data Studio.

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Step 3: Data Visualizations for Your SaaS KPI Dashboard With Data Studio

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Google Data Studio turns Google Sheet data on BigQuery into data visualizations such as charts, graphs, and other visual elements that make it easier to view, analyze, and share metrics with your team. It's a powerful analytics tool that generates valuable key metrics and key performance indicators. You can choose the visualizations you want to showcase on your KPI TV dashboard. 

Example: You want to view MRR statistics on your SaaS KPI dashboard and display this dashboard on your TV. Data Studio connects with BigQuery and presents visualizations that provide your team with new insights. 

Now your dashboard is ScreenCloud-ready.

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Step 4: Use ScreenCloud to Display Your SaaS KPI Dashboard on a TV

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ScreenCloud is the technology that displays your KPI dashboard on your TV. It's a type of digital signage software that lets you display content on any screen. 

Note: You will need a Chromebit, a portable device that runs Google's Chrome OS operating system. Place a Chromebit into the HDMI port of your TV to display your KPI dashboard. 

Now you can do one of two things:

  • Copy the embed code for your dashboard on Data Studio into ScreenCloud
  • Change the sharing setting for your dashboard on Data Studio and share the URL with your team. Team members can copy the embed code into ScreenCloud

You may need to add an Embed content widget to ScreenCloud before pasting the code.

Your TV should now display your SaaS KPI dashboard.

Why Integrate.io is Vital When Creating Your Next SaaS KPI Dashboard


Displaying SaaS KPI dashboards on a TV lets you and your team access dynamic data visualizations that optimize your business. You may create customized dashboards for TVs at home or in the office and generate valuable business insights. 

Integrate.io performs a critical role in the process. This ETL solution extracts the required data, transforms it into a readable format, before loading it into a final destination, so it's ready for Data Studio and ScreenCloud. You can't create a custom SaaS KPI dashboard without it. 

Did you know Integrate.io provides a fully managed service for custom SaaS dashboards? If your SaaS business or startup is interested in building customized TV dashboards, Integrate.io is the no-code solution that helps make this possible. Schedule an intro call with our support team for more information or to obtain a 14-day risk-free trial.