In this helpful talk, MassMailer co-founder and co-CEO Siva Devaki outlines the key features of email deliverability. He then goes on to describe how to maximize these aspects of deliverability specifically using MassMailer, a solution for Salesforce CRM. Specifically, Devaki outlines the meaning of deliverability and how technical deficiencies may impact deliverability rates. Those rates increase with a positive domain reputation, an authenticated domain, strong content, proper structure and format, a clean email list, and compliance with legal structures like the GDPR.

Devaki offers a step-by-step demonstration of how MassMailer lets users analyze the deliverability rate of their currrent emails, in order to find areas of improvement. The reports offer insight into deficiencies that cause deliverability to fall below 100 percent, allowing the user to effectively target and revise the email to make sure as many as possible get through to the intended recipients. Examples of such deficiencies are those evident in the content, structure, or domain, among others. Then, using MassMailer, Devaki develops an email template that promises a greater probability of deliverability from Salesforce CRM.

This talk is of interest to anyone who uses a Salesforce CRM and who relies on email communications. Devaki emphasizes that MassMailer is not only for organizations working in sales or marketing. It is for any organization that frequently makes use of mass email communications and needs to prevent those emails from going to the spam folder as much as possible. In addition to showcasing the benefits of this particular product, Devaki's talk also provides invaluable information about how technology vets emails that go into an inbox, based and perceptions of validity, trustworthiness, and value.

What You Will Learn

  • What email deliverability means [00:01:58]
  • Inboxing to improve open rate [00:11:19]
  • How to leverage MassMailer to improve delivery [00:12:33]
  • MassMailer demo in Salesforce [00:13:21]
  • Reading the deliverability score report [00:14:52]
  • Sending out emails using MassMailer [00:21:01]
  • Choosing and editing an email template [00:21:46]
  • Using MassMailer to send SMS and MMS [00:26:23]

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