Change data capture (CDC) is a crucial, but also tremendously underappreciated, feature that forms the backbone of modern ETL workloads. Without knowing which data has changed since you last accessed it, you’d be forced to extract all the data from a source table or database each time that you perform data integration—which would be a tremendously inefficient process. (For more information, check out our article on when to use change data capture.)

It’s no surprise that users are interested in performing change data capture with tools like A cloud-based ETL platform for database sources, saves countless developer hours with its automated, scalable, and easy to sync integration for Amazon Redshift. 

Read on to learn more about and how the platform makes data replication a breeze.  

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Using Change Data Capture 

When it comes to using change data capture, what needs to be first understood is that CDC requires an application that reads, transforms, and imports streaming data for a production database to a data warehouse. 

While most tools such as MySQL, Ruby, or Python require users to build their own CDC application to move data, with, this tedious process is no longer needed. Check out more about how simplifies CDC replication below. 

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CDC Replication Is Simplified with

Of course, change data capture or CDC has proven itself over time as the best way to replicate data to a data warehouse. However, CDC is also a fairly complex process. Luckily, was built to diminish the traditional complexities associated with CDC. 

 The platform uses the CDC method to replicate data to Amazon Redshift in near real-time. However, unlike the traditional CDC method, is a turnkey solution when it comes to replicating Redshift. 

 Overall, is the simplest and most reliable cloud-based ETL platform for database sources on the market. 

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How Can Help

The data integration platform makes it easy for anyone—even non-technical users—to build mature, robust pipelines from your data sources to the cloud. also comes with more than 140 pre-built connectors and integrations for the most popular databases, applications, and other data sources. 

Most importantly, comes with built-in change data capture functionality so that you know exactly which data you need to ingest again. But thanks to’s low-code and no-code features, you don’t have to think about the technical details of CDC—only about how it makes your business more data-driven and productive. 

Ready to learn how can help with your change data capture needs? Get in touch with our team of data integration experts today for a chat about your business goals and requirements or to start your seven-day pilot of the platform.