G2 is one of the leading review and comparison sites for business software, so as an ETL provider, we’re especially proud to be recognized as market leaders by G2 and its users in Spring 2021. Integrate.io received three of the coveted badges in the Spring review of top software and service providers including:

  • Market Leader Spring 2021
  • Mid-Market Leader Spring 2021
  • Best Support Spring 2021

Integrate.io is a leader in Mid-Market iPaaS on G2 Integrate.io is a leader in Mid-Market ETL Tools on G2 Integrate.io is a leader in ETL Tools on G2 Users love Integrate.io on G2

Table of Contents

  1. Integrate.io – What users Say
  2. G2 Badge Award — Best Support
  3. Integrate.io and You

Integrate.io — What Users Say

The G2 platform allows software decision-makers to make informed choices regarding the best tools for the job — and the job, for us, is getting all your business data from multiple data sources to one destination. The site details the pricing, features, and product information of SaaS and other services. It also features unbiased, independent reviews from software users. That’s why an accolade from G2 means so much — the input comes directly from those who interact with our services.

G2 reviewers gave Integrate.io an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars and had plenty of positive things to say about the service we provide.

James C, a mid-market CEO stated:

“Integrate.io was the only team that could get across all our data sources and centralize our data in one place, then visualize it through Google Data Studio. We're a fund that looks across multiple companies-- so being able to finally compare like for like across companies puts us on better rails for decision making.”

Sura M, a data analyst at a similarly sized company said:

“Good product and helpful support team! Can connect to a wide range of data sources.”

G2 Badge Award — Best Support

We’re especially proud of our Best Support Badge, as we know that interacting with our users in meaningful ways makes a big difference in data integration and data management. We’ve created a tool that makes it simple for you to craft your own data pipelines without tons of coding experience, but we’re also on hand to guide you through any technical hiccups or difficulties.

Unlike some ETL solution providers, Integrate.io offers support via multiple channels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wherever you are in the world, using Integrate.io is a supported process. You can open the chat feature to start a conversation with one of our friendly operatives, or use other ways to get in touch, such as emailing, calling, or opening up a support ticket.

Integrate.io and You

It’s because of users like you leaving reviews of our services that we receive honors like the G2 Market Leader Badge, so we’d like to say a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who did so in 2020 and 2021. If you use Integrate.io and find it the right ETL solution for you and your organization, be sure to leave a review on G2, highlighting what worked for you and why you chose us.

Integrate.io provides ETL solutions that bring all your business data into one destination, fully transformed and ready to use with your business intelligence tools or analytics platform of choice. If you’re ready to work with one of the G2 Market Leaders, schedule a conversation with us and we’ll be happy to walk you through how Integrate.io works.