At, we aim to make moving and processing data as quick and seamless as possible. We integrate with a ton of tools your teams already uses to make the process even easier, like Intercom, Hubspot and tons of others.

And today we wanted to share our latest integration.

Are you hooked on Slack? Us too.

As big fans of Slack, we knew we wanted to be able to integrate it with's data integration platform. The Slack platform is a pretty cool tool for inter-team communication. With chat rooms organized by topic, private groups and direct messaging and file sharing, the data is archived and searchable for all team members.

How does integrate with Slack?

The integration is quick and simple using's Slack hooks. It's a monitoring integration (sending events to Slack on account activity) of your team data.'s Slack hooks allow you to get real-time updates about your account activity into your Slack teams' inbox.

How to setup Slack with

Slack hooks are the one-two punch of integration and it’s quick and easy to implement.

  1. Click your avatar or initials at the top right of the window, then click Account settings.
  2. Click Service hooks. thumbnail image
  3. Click new service hook. thumbnail image
  4. Click Slack. thumbnail image
  5. Enter your team's Slack's domain, then click Sign In. thumbnail image
  6. Enter your Slack's account details (email address and password), then click Sign In. thumbnail image
  7. In the Post to: text box, select the channel to update with notifications. Click Authorize. thumbnail image
  8. Select the job and cluster notifications that will trigger a Slack update, then select Active to activate this service hook. Click save changes. thumbnail image
  9. To test the service hook, click ping. You will be notified in the selected Slack channel that the ping was successful. thumbnail image

That’s it. Now you can get real-time notifications into your Slack team.

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