Sikha Baid, a Team Lead at Accenture and certified Salesforce expert, provides a comprehensive walkthrough of how to use Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action together to create an AI-powered action plan for your leads. She covers terminology, what Einstein Prediction Builder and Next Best Action are and why they’re important, a use case, a step-by-step walkthrough for setting these tools up, and considerations to keep in mind when you’re implementing them.

Einstein Prediction Builder is a code-free tool that empowers Salesforce marketing and sales teams with custom predictions. You go through a user-friendly process to define what you’re trying to predict, the Salesforce field that represents this prediction and the object that contains this field.

It ties in with Einstein Next Best Action, which creates context-sensitive offers and actions that help you reach your leads in the right way, at the right time, with the right offer. The AI leverages data both inside and outside of Salesforce and defined strategies, business rules, and tactics to create these action plans. Recommendations can range from upselling products to choosing the perfect pre-sales content to nurture a lead. You can act on these recommendations with a single click, which greatly streamlines your sales workflows. While configuring these tools may seem intimidating at first, Sikha Baid offers clear instructions on everything you need to do.

After you watch this session, you'll be able to use the Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action to power your lead action plans and reduce the hands-on time it takes for your sales and marketing teams to follow-up with leads. With the single click simplicity of acting on all of the suggestions made by this tool combination, your staff gains a significant amount of time back throughout their workdays.

What You Will Learn

  • 1:43 – Einstein Prediction Builder Setup and Overview
  • 3:01 – Einstein Next Best Action Overview
  • 4:02 – Einstein Next Best Action Set Up
  • 5:39 Use Case
  • 6:16 Step-by-step Walk-through
  • 23:40 Considerations
  • 25:36 Questions and Answers

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