introduces new MongoDB Merge (Upsert) operation type on our MongoDB destination component that allows users to update existing documents, and insert new documents in the target collection, along with Schema Mapping.

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Operation types: Insert (Append) vs Merge (Upsert)

  • Insert (Append only) - This treats incoming data as new and appends it in the target collection. This is useful if new data are expected from the source.
  • Merge with existing data using update and insert - Merges the data in the target collection by updating existing documents via the merge key/s selected and inserting new documents that don’t exist. This allows you to update only the existing documents, preventing duplicates from being inserted in the target collection.

In case of a multiple document match in the destination, the default behavior is to update only a single document.

Schema Mapping

Schema mapping was also introduced in the update on MongoDB destination component. From the previous operation where it will put all columns by default, you can now specify custom columns, with custom names as well, to be included on the insert and update operations. & MongoDB

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