When companies combine their existing systems, or even new systems, with NetSuite, they get better options and results. And there's a great selection of NetSuite integration partners to choose from on the market. Find one that's geared to your specific type of business or industry and see how easy it is to streamline processes that take the guesswork out of using data and other connected apps.

Table of Contents

  1. What are NetSuite Integration Partners?
  2. How Combining NetSuite and Other Services Gets Better Results
  3. Pairing Netsuite with Salesforce
  4. Other Top NetSuite Integration Partners
  5. How Integrate.io Can Help

What are NetSuite Integration Partners?

NetSuite has three different partner programs: the Alliance Partner Program, SuiteCloud Development Network (SDN), and NetSuite Solutions providers. 

The SDN partner comprises independent software vendors. Its goal is to build extensions and apps on SuiteCloud. The NetSuite Alliance typically partners with regional and global integrators, as well as technology consulting firms for businesses of all sizes.

NetSuite integration partners help to integrate NetSuite with other cloud-based apps and platforms for better results and more effective use of data and information.

This type of service allows the connection of many features, such as mobile apps, and more digital connectivity. It's an effective way for companies to get the benefits of NetSuite along with those of other platforms and apps.

How Combining NetSuite and Other Services Gets Better Results

When you combine NetSuite with other apps, platforms, and services, you gain many capabilities to help make the most out of your business-related data. Companies can send optimized data from NetSuite to any integrated apps via a top service provider. Some benefits to expect include:

  • More useable information
  • Accurate data
  • Useful analytics
  • More insights
  • Better flexibility
  • Enhanced customer experiences

Additionally, when you combine NetSuite with third-party providers, you get better data security because NetSuite offers a high degree of security at all levels. Besides top security, NetSuite also increases system reliability.

Improving overall performance and capabilities encourages business growth. All the benefits of integrating NetSuite with third-party service providers allow companies to stay competitive.

Pairing NetSuite with Salesforce

A good example of Netsuite integration would combine your NetSuite with Salesforce to optimize your retail sales business processes.

When you take the highly optimized and curated data from NetSuite and use it within the Salesforce platform, you get better results all around. This CRM service collects customer experience information to help you make more informed decisions and facilitates growth by alerting you on where to focus attention and what methods work for your market.

The analytics are more accurate, and sales figures break down into various categories, so you can dig deep into financial numbers, accounting, and inventory control. You can also create custom reports and filter data.

Not only could a retail business use Salesforce, but there are also tons of other ways to integrate NetSuite for an optimized outcome.

Other Top NetSuite Integration Partners

Companies looking for a great way to integrate top platforms and services can check out these top integrations that work seamlessly with NetSuite. They are highly compatible and boost the performance of specific processes.


If your company needs accounts receivable solutions that integrate with NetSuite, Bill.com is a top choice. It helps make accounting accurate and allows easy reconciliations and notice automation.

Users can get real-time figures and information by using the streamlined interface. This is an excellent option for businesses looking to simplify their accounts receivable and reduce workforce needs and expenditures. 


Oracle offers a wide range of platforms and cloud stack apps to provide better services and deployments. Widely used across the globe, Oracle is one of the most intuitive and feature-filled platforms designed for business.

Oracle is a great option to integrate with NetSuite because it's the parent company of NetSuite, and it offers an optimized experience, smooth workflows, and excellent compatibility.


Stripe is one of the top Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) payment services around. It operates much like PayPal and has plenty of features that make viewing transactions and history easy.

You can integrate Stripe with NetSuite to get more accurate information about various customers and financial history. The dashboard is simple to use, and it provides tools for filtering statistics and figures for reporting and insight. It's a better way to keep track of payments than using separate software or traditional accounting services. 


NetSuite is ideal for integrating with Iterable to help you boost your engagement and learn more about your customer base. This integration is a way to supercharge insights, as it makes connecting and interacting with potential customers easier and more effective than ever.

How Integrate.io Can Help

Integrate.io is a top ETL (extract, transform, load) service that offers a wide range of integrations and connectivity options to companies looking to streamline their business processes. This platform offers an intuitive interface and top security to protect sensitive information and data.

We provide an array of options to help businesses make the most out of their data. To discover all the integration possibilities, sign up for a 14-day pilot and enjoy an in-depth experience with one of the top ETL services.