When it comes to providing the latest and greatest ETL and ELT tools, the platforms Stitch, Fivetran, and Integrate.io are all top contenders. That being said, each platform also has its own set of pros and cons. Ultimately, the best ETL/ELT platform for your company will largely depend upon the needs of your organization. So, which platform will reign supreme for your company in the Stitch vs Fivetran vs Integrate.io matchup?

Read on to learn more about these three ETL/ELT platforms and to discover how the Stitch vs Fivetran vs Integrate.io matchup will play out. 

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Stitch vs Fivetran vs Integrate.io

To discover which ETL/ELT platform will prove more beneficial for your company in the  Stitch vs Fivetran vs Integrate.io matchup, let’s first take a better look at what these three platforms are all about. Check out more about each individual platform below. 

What is the Stitch Platform All About?

Stitch is a lightweight ELT tool that focuses on the “extraction” and “loading” phases, without many preload transformations. With its free tier, volume-based pricing, and beginner-friendly user interface, Stitch is likely best for small businesses without in-depth data integration requirements.

What is the Fivetran Platform All About?

Fivetran is a cloud-native ELT tool that allows for transformations only after loading data into the destination. Although it’s relatively user-friendly, Fivetran requires SQL coding skills to fully take advantage of its transformation features.

What is the Integrate.io Platform All About?

Integrate.io is an ETL and ELT low-code data integration platform with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. The Integrate.io platform is accessible for everyone from ETL newbies to advanced users who need a sophisticated enterprise-grade solution for data integration.

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Who Will Win the Stitch vs. Fivetran vs. Integrate.io Match Up?

Now that the three platforms have been outlined let’s check out how they match up when it comes to data sources and integrations, pricing, and support and training. Read on to discover all the details. 

Data Sources and Integrations

  • Stitch Data Sources and Integrations: Stitch claims to have more than 100 different data sources and integrations, including SaaS platforms and databases.
  • Fivetran Data Sources and Integrations: Fivetran claims to have more than 100 different data sources and integrations, including SaaS platforms, databases, file stores, and social media platforms.
  • Integrate.io Data Sources and Integrations: Integrate.io has more than 100 different data sources and integrations, including SaaS platforms, databases, file stores, and tools for advertising, business intelligence and analytics, and logging.


  • Stitch Pricing: Stitch pricing comes in three tiers: free, standard, and enterprise. The free tier allows for up to 5 million rows of data per month and only a limited number of sources. The standard tier ranges from $100/month for 5 million rows of data to $1,250/month for 300 million rows of data, and also allows for a larger number of data sources. The enterprise tier enables advanced features such as custom integrations and priority support.
  • Fivetran Pricing: Like Stitch, Fivetran offers a consumption-based pricing structure: the more data you ingest, the more you pay. While this may seem appealing for customers with limited usage requirements, it can also be problematic for organizations whose ETL data consumption varies from month to month, making it harder to budget.
  • Integrate.io Pricing: Integrate.io charges a flat rate per connector, rather than the volume of your data loads. This offers a clear and predictable pricing structure for organizations of all sizes and budgets. With Integrate.io, you only pay more when you add a new connector to your ETL workflow.

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Support and Training

  • Stitch Support and Training: For free-tier and standard-tier customers, Stitch only offers text-based support. Phone, voice chat, and video chat support are only available to customers at the highest enterprise tier.
  • Fivetran Support and Training: All Fivetran customers can enjoy free support for questions and technical issues; however, getting answers fast requires you to purchase Fivetran’s priciest enterprise tier, with a guaranteed 1-hour response time.
  • Integrate.io Support and Training: Integrate.io’s mission is to provide a top-shelf ETL platform that anyone can use for their data integration needs. No matter their choice of tier, all Integrate.io customers enjoy unlimited phone, video, text, and email support.

Final Thoughts

Based on the Stitch vs. Fivetran vs. Integrate.io matchup, we have the following recommendations:

  • Stitch is best for organizations with limited data consumption and limited support needs that want to set up an ELT (and not ETL) workflow.
  • Fivetran is best for organizations with a relatively straightforward ELT (and not ETL) workflow that prefer a consumption-based pricing model and don’t need to perform preload transformations.
  • Integrate.io is best for organizations that want to use ETL and/or ELT, that prefer flat-rate pricing, and that can benefit from excellent support. Integrate.io’s low-code drag-and-drop interface and native scripting language make it easy for everyone to get started—from beginners to seasoned ETL professionals.

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How Integrate.io Can Help

If your company is looking for access to the best ETL and ELT tools on the market today, look no further than Integrate.io. With Integrate.io’s flat-rate pricing and superior support, you can’t go wrong when working with Integrate.io. With a complete toolkit for all your ETL and ELT needs, Integrate.io will be there to help you better handle all your valuable company data. 

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