2021, like 2020, saw many business intelligence conferences move online as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact live in-person events. In 2022, more events will take place in real-world venues, presenting data analysts and BI professionals with new networking and collaboration opportunities. 

These conferences and trade shows will also discuss the biggest challenges facing the BI sector, such as data governance, data silos, and managing self-service BI tools

Here are the top BI events in 2022, with dates, locations, and topics. 

Table of Contents

  • Top 8 BI Events and Conferences in 2022
    • 1. MicroStrategy World 2022
    • 2. ICISSP 2022
    • 3. Power BI Summit 2022
    • 4. Competitive & Market Intelligence 2022
    • 5. AI & Big Data Expo
    • 6. QlikWorld 2022
    • 7. Annual Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Business Management, and Marketing Summit 
    • 8. International Conference on Social Business Intelligence
    • How Integrate.io Helps You Prepare for BI Events

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1. MicroStrategy World 2022

Date: February 1-2, 2022

Location: Online

MicroStrategy World's annual conference will be online in 2022, but it will still feature the world's best speakers and analytics leaders. You can join the conversation whether you are in Los AngelesChicagoOrlandoAustinBostonTorontoDubaiAmsterdam, Cape Town, or anywhere else on the planet!

Topics include:

There will also be digital workshops, multitrack sessions, and the chance to meet other BI professionals. 

Speakers include Michael J. Saylor (Microstrategy's chairman and CEO) and Phong Le (the company's president and CFO.) 

You can book your place at this event on the Microstrategy website. 

2. ICISSP 2022

Date: February 9-11, 2022

Location: Online

The International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP) returns for its 8th international BI event in February 2022, attracting data professionals from San FranciscoSan Diego, Shanghai, Sydney, Shenzhen, and beyond! 

Topics include:

  • Risk and reputation management
  • Security and privacy in the cloud
  • Biometric applications and technologies
  • Security education and awareness
  • Trust and security challenges in information systems

You can register for a place at the event here

3. Power BI Summit 2022

Date: March 7-11, 2022

Location: Online

The Power BI Summit returns in March for another multi-day virtual conference with over 100 sessions speakers, making it the largest Power BI event in North America

Topics include:

  • Visualization
  • Dataflow
  • Data governance such as HIPAA for healthcare professionals
  • Data architecture
  • Data science
  • Power BI report server

Guests speakers include Amiz Netz (Microsoft's chief technology officer) and Arun Ulag (the company's corporate vice president).

You can purchase a ticket for this popular virtual event here. (Discounted tickets are available until November 30, 2021.)

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4. Competitive & Market Intelligence 2022

Date: March 29-June 7, 2022

Location: Berlin, Germany

Competitive & Market Intelligence will host a 10-week conference from Berlin that comprises interactive webinars, workshops, guest lectures, and more. You can watch all of these events online and learn about the latest advances in competitive and market intelligence.

Topics include:

  • Smart tools for effective CI/MI
  • Getting serious with CI/MI
  • Market volume predictions

Guest speakers include Fouad Benyoub (director of competitive strategy at Everbridge) and Ursula Teubert (strategic advisor at Innovationworld.ch). 

You can purchase a ticket to this analytics summit here

5. AI & Big Data Expo

Date: May 11-12, 2022

Location: Santa Clara, CA

This two-day BI conference discusses the latest business intelligence trends, with over 5,000 people expected to attend the event in Santa Clara. You can also network with software vendors, service providers, and business leaders

Topics include:

  • Virtual assistants
  • Big data
  • Chatbots
  • Computer vision
  • NLP
  • Voice technology
  • Artificial intelligence

There will be more than 250 speakers at the event, including Deepak Jose (head of business strategy and advanced analytics at Mars) and Manash Bhattacharjee (eCommerce head of product management, design, and product operations at PepsiCo). 

You can register your interest in AI & Big Data Expo here

6. QlikWorld 2022

Date: May 16-19, 2022

Location: Denver, CO

Qlik's annual conference heads to Denver in May 2022 for another multi-day event. Expect hundreds of data analysts, data scientists, and other BI professionals from places as far away as FloridaIllinoisTexasPortugal, and the Middle East

Qlik has yet to announce specific topics for this BI event, but you can expect conversations about topics such as automationdeep learningeTail, and more. There will be a welcome session, Qlik certifications, breakout sessions, and discussions about case studies

Guest speakers include Mike Capone (Qlik's CEO) and James Fisher (the company's chief product officer). 

You can book a place at this conference here

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7. Annual Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Business Management, and Marketing Summit 

Date: October 10-11, 2022

Location: Vancouver, Canada 

The Annual Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Business Management, and Marketing Summit is a conference that encompasses guest speakers from various business disciplines. However, there will be several keynote speeches about the obstacles facing marketers who use business intelligence. This event attracts people from across Canada, including MontrealToronto, and Ottawa, as well as international visitors. 

Some of the topics discussed at the event include:

  • Machine learning
  • Big data 
  • Cloud computing

Event organizers will release registration information and a list of guest speakers at a later date.

8. International Conference on Social Business Intelligence

Date: December 9-10, 2022

Location: New York City, NY

The International Conference on Social Business Intelligence (ICSBI) is a two-day event that attracts scientists and BI professionals from startups, multi-national corporations, and everything in-between. Organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology, this conference discusses the future of social business intelligence and how people share and engage with data on social media platforms.

Topics include:

  • Data algorithms and techniques
  • Text mining
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Social data integration
  • Emotion detection
  • Multilingual sentiment analysis
  • The semantic web
  • ETL for social business intelligence
  • Social business intelligence metrics 

Event organizers will release registration information and a list of guest speakers at a later date.

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