In 2022, many business intelligence conferences returned to in-person events. While some events slated for 2023 are still virtual, this year's top business intelligence events have something in common from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Barcelona, Spain, Dubai, UAE, and cities from Miami to San Diego in the United States: every data summit offers data analysts, entrepreneurs, and BI professionals with trending information from exhibitors and industry experts, plus collaboration and networking opportunities with professionals and others in the field.

Some great strides forward in business intelligence last year included:

  • More decision-makers began using BI insights as actionable information.

  • AI and machine learning (ML) grew both in ability and in acceptance.

  • Decision-makers evaluated using external data to supplement internal data to assist in the decision-making process.

  • Real-time decision-making capabilities were bolstered by the strides made in AI & ML.

2023 already shows great promise, as you'll see in the BI in-person conferences and virtual events highlighted below.

On tap for discussions include top business intelligence challenges facing industries, such as data governance, data silos, and managing self-service BI tools, as well as the latest trends and ways leaders are approaching business intelligence in general for 2023, such as:

  • Supporting decision-making by fostering improved data literacy.

  • Using improved frameworks to manage data quality.

  • Enhancing fraud prevention tactics with predictive analytics.

  • Embracing cloud services.

  • Embracing and putting mobile BI to good use.

In the coming years, companies will look for ways to simplify their use of business intelligence and analytics tools. The coming technology evolution will empower professionals to make better sense of data and help drive daily operations.

With the ability to uncover valuable data-driven insights, cutting-edge approaches like digital transformation and others that experts plan to present at this year’s data science conferences have the potential to boost growth across all sectors. One key factor in this evolution will be the increasing use of AI-powered business intelligence, which will allow experts to make more informed decisions and plan for substantial expansion.

Table of Contents:

  1. MicroStrategy World 2023

  2. ICISSP 2023

  3. Power BI Summit 2023

  4. Competitive & Market Intelligence 2023

  5. AI & Big Data Expo

  6. QlikWorld 2023

  7. 9th Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

  8. ICSBI 2023: International Conference on Social Business Intelligence

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1. MicroStrategy World 2023

Date: May 1-4, 2023

Location: Orlando, Florida

Pricing: Early Bird World 2023 Full Pass (early registration ends January 31, 2023): $995; World 2023 Full Pass: $1495 per person. Groups registering 10 or more attendees: $747.50 per person.

MicroStrategy World's annual conference is headed to Orlando, Florida for 2023, and will feature the 80+ product and customer sections delivered by the world's best speakers and analytics leaders. Event organizers offer a top 10 list of reasons why you should attend this year — modernizing your enterprise analytics is just the start.

This year includes a women's networking event, as well as tracks covering topics such as:

MicroStrategy World's 2023 global conference will also host fast-track courses for two certifications this year:

  • Departmental Analyst Course & Certification

  • Project Architect Course & Certification

There will also be digital workshops, multitrack sessions, and the chance to meet other BI professionals. 

Register for World 2023 online at MicroStrategy's event page.

2. ICISSP 2023

Date: February 22-24, 2023

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Pricing (starts at):

  • Member of INSTICC 3-day pass (daily lunch included): 535€ ($576USD)

  • Non-member 3-day pass (daily lunch and free INSTICC membership included*): 595€ ($640USD)

The 9th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP) returns to in-person presentation in February 2023 for its annual conference on business intelligence. Conference chairs and speakers represent industry leaders from the UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, and the United States, and the event attracts data professionals from around the world.

Keynote lectures include:

  • "Usable Security: Security 'Warnings' 2.0" presented by Professor Melanie Volkamer,  Department of Economics and Management, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, regarding security awareness and viable solutions.

  • "Cybersecurity, Nicolas Cage, and Peppa Pig" by Professor Luca Vigano, Department of Informatics, King's College London in the United Kingdom. Professor Vigano will use the films of Nicolas Cage to illustrate cybersecurity concepts, risk management, and the importance of data management in a way that's accessible for non-cybersecurity specialists to understand.

Register to attend this event by logging into your INSTICC account. Registration for ICISSP 2023 grants access to the 12th annual International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods. ICPRAM 2023 is also in Lisbon this year and runs adjacent to the ICISSP 2023 conference.

*non-Members receive an INSTICC membership that grants access to all remaining 2023 INSTICC conferences at Member pricing.

3. Power BI Summit 2023

Date: March 6-10, 2023

Location: Virtual

Pricing: $99.99 Standard Ticket (access to all sessions live during conference and recorded sessions after conference conclusion)

The Power BI Summit returns this March for another 5-day virtual conference with over 100 sessions speakers and multiple session tracks each day across across three time-zones, making it the largest Power BI event in North America. 

Topics include:

  • Visualization

  • Dataflow

  • Data governance such as HIPAA for healthcare professionals

  • Data architecture

  • Data science

  • Power BI report server

Learn from guest speakers such as Jeroen ter Heerdt (Dutch Data Dude and Program Manager at Microsoft), Marco Russo of SQLBI, and many more when you register for the event.  

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4. Competitive & Market Intelligence 2023

Date: April 20 – June 14, 2023

Location: Butzbach, Germany

Pricing: Starts at $0.00 for ICI Alumni; Regular attendance 390€ ($420USD)

Competitive & Market Intelligence will host an 8-week conference from Butzbach, Germany comprising interactive webinars, workshops, guest lectures, and more. You can watch all of these events online and learn about the latest advances in competitive and market intelligence.

Topics include:

  • Smart tools for effective CI/MI

  • Getting serious with CI/MI

  • Market volume predictions

Learn from guest speakers, including Estelle Prin (Professor of Geopolitics, University of Paris – Dauphine), Kimberly Bauer (Director of Competitive Intelligence, Lacework), and Retired Major General Neeraj Bali (Founder & CEO, LeadScape Advisors) when you register for the event.

5. AI & Big Data Expo

Date: May 17-18, 2023

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Pricing: TBA

This two-day BI conference discusses the latest business intelligence tools and trends, with over 6,000 people expected to attend the event in Santa Clara. You can also network with software vendors, service providers, and business leaders. 

Topics include:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data & Analytics

  • Chatbots

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Business Intelligence

  • Development

  • Deep Learning

There will be more than 250 speakers at the event, including Abishek Joshi (Senior Director, Analytics at Visa) and Andrew Thomson (Technology Leader at Johnson & Johnson). 

If this is the BI event you've been waiting for, pre-register your interest.

6. QlikWorld 2023

Date: April 17-20, 2023

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Pricing: Must be logged in to view fees.

Qlik's annual conference heads to the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2023 for another multi-day event. Expect hundreds of data analysts, data scientists, and other BI professionals from places as far away as Florida, Illinois, Texas, Portugal, and the Middle East. 

Qlik has yet to announce specific topics for this BI event, but you can expect conversations about topics such as automation, deep learning, eTail, and more. There will be a welcome session, Qlik certifications, breakout sessions, and discussions about case studies. 

Guest speakers haven't been announced yet, but this is QlikWorld's first in-person conference since 2019 and promises to be a spectacular showing of the world's best and brightest minds in business intelligence. Register now to save your space. 

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7. 9th Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

Date: November 29-30, 2023

Location: Toronto, Canada 

Pricing: Student, Business, and Academic pricing available; varies

The 9th Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit is a conference that encompasses guest speakers from various business disciplines. However, there will be several keynote speeches about the obstacles facing marketers who use business intelligence. This event attracts people from across Canada, including Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa, as well as international visitors. 

Some of the topics discussed at the event will include:

  • Machine learning

  • Big data 

  • Cloud computing

Event organizers will release a list of guest speakers at a later date, but in the meantime, you can register for the event.

8. ICSBI 2023: International Conference on Social Business Intelligence

Date: December 9-10, 2023

Location: New York City, NY

Pricing: $269 for attendees; $485 for presenters

The International Conference on Social Business Intelligence (ICSBI) is a two-day event that attracts scientists and BI professionals from startups, multi-national corporations, and everything in-between. Organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology, this conference discusses the future of social business intelligence and how people share and engage with data on social media platforms.

Topics include:

  • Data algorithms and techniques

  • Text mining

  • Sentiment analysis 

  • Social data integration

  • Emotion detection

  • Multilingual sentiment analysis

  • The semantic web

  • ETL for social business intelligence

  • Social business intelligence metrics 

Register for the event on the WASET event page. More information to follow.

*ICSBI 2023 pricing reflects early registration discounts through November 11, 2023.

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