Heroku remains one of the most popular PaaS (platforms as a service) on the market in 2023, despite being one of the oldest. Salesforce functions with Heroku data, so there is a lot you can do via Heroku Connect: access Heroku Postgres, publish events with Apache Kafka, and optimize data access overheads with Heroku Data for Redis. You can easily turn your startup or established company into one that provides apps for its clients.

As a PaaS, Heroku always has something exciting to offer. That’s why developers and technology enthusiasts flock to the top Heroku events to find out what’s new with the platform. The developer experience at these conferences includes access to speakers who offer best practices and use cases.

Sadly, many events were canceled or postponed in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even top Heroku events hosted by the company itself were called off. However, many in-person, virtual, and hybrid events continue to be scheduled for 2023, so you can start planning now. 

Many companies are collaborating with and using Heroku. That's just like what Integrate.io did when we offered our data integration service as part of the software solution for the MDA Kevin Hart Kids Telethon. Attending a range of conferences helps developers or DevOps teams understand all aspects of Heroku, including Heroku Postgres, Heroku apps, Heroku Connect, Heroku Enterprise, workflows, permissions, continuous delivery, authentication, functionality, and the Heroku dashboard. 

To slake the thirst of web app developers and their teams hunting for top Heroku events, we’ve picked out the best conferences and trade shows for 2023. 

Table of Contents

  1. Rails Conf 2023

  2. European Women in Tech 2023

  3. Red Hat Summit 2023
  4. Devoxx France 2023

  5. Open Data Science Conference 2023

  6. Internet of Things World 2023

  7. QCon Plus 2023

  8. How Integrate.io Can Help You Prepare for Top Heroku Events in 2023

RailsConf 2023

Date: April 24 to April 26, 2023

Location: AmericasMart Atlanta in Atlanta, GA (in-person)

Pricing: To be confirmed. Group discounts were available in 2021.

Ruby on Rails users and contributors who use the Heroku platform for their deployment should take a look at this 3-day event in April. RailsConf will take place in a conference center for the second time since 2019, but attendees will likely be able to access keynote speeches and networking opportunities online. This is a diverse, exciting opportunity to connect with the wider community. Thousands of members of the Rails community contribute toward improving and updating the framework, so the conference is an ideal way to put faces to names and make relevant connections. 

Key speakers are to be announced, but you could learn more about tech ecosystems, dev centers, runtime, open-source Heroku alternatives, metrics, data stores, data services, Heroku add-on services, upgrades, and build packs. Last year’s event speakers included Eileen M. Uchitelle of GitHub, Aaron Patterson of Shopify, and Vaidehi Joshi of Vimeo. You can watch the 2022 RailsConf videos on YouTube.

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European Women in Tech 2023

Date: June 28 to June 29, 2023

Location: RAI Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands (in person)

Pricing: Tickets start at €199 ($212). Group discounts are available.

With a focus on equality and equity in the world of tech careers, European Women in Tech attendees can expect some fascinating talks on diversity within the world of data and technology. Beyond that, in-depth talks and workshops around tech resilience are ideal for anyone using Heroku for app deployment and need to fine-tune their development skills. Not only that, but this is Europe’s largest event for women in tech.

Register to buy tickets or submit interest to stay up to date with the latest event news.

Red Hat Summit 2023

Date: May 23 to May 25, 2023

Location: Boston, MA (in-person, virtual, and on-demand)

Pricing: Earliest registration is $1,099 (January 17-February 26), Early registration is $1,499 (February 27-March 31), and Standard registration is $1,799 (April 1-May 25). Discounts are available for groups; government, academic, and nonprofit employees, and Red Hat certified professionals (RHCPs).

Looking for the top Heroku events? The Red Hat Summit takes a broad, eclectic look at enterprise IT.  Despite the short time until May 2023, proposals for session ideas are being accepted through January 11. Last year, Red Hat speakers explored the concept of the “new normal” in enterprise IT, how to fuel innovation, and ways to build the future you want by selecting the right technologies and an ecosystem of partners. You can access on-demand content from Red Hat Summit 2022.

Devoxx France 2023

Date: April 12 to April 14, 2023

Location: Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot in Paris, France (in person)

Pricing: 1-day ticket is €296 ($315), 2-day ticket is €540 ($575), 3-day ticket is €680 ($725), and 3-day ticket plus OXiane training is €990 ($1055).

An event for passionate developers, Devoxx France celebrates its 11th anniversary in 2023 with a 3-day conference. Registration is now open for this developer-favorite event which always sells out. Topics and exhibitors are yet to be confirmed, but you can view last year’s lineup surrounding the theme “Already 10 years! How IT has evolved over the past ten years and how it can evolve in the next ten.” You can expect this to be one of the top Heroku events in 2023! View previously recorded presentations on YouTube.

Open Data Science Conference

Date: May 9 to May 11, 2023

Location: Boston Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA (in-person and online)

Pricing: Prices for the in-person event start from $799. Prices for the virtual event start from $479. Early bird and group discounts are available.

One of the top Heroku events in the world, the Open Data Science Conference boasts hundreds of hours of content and often attracts thousands of attendees. The organizers pride themselves on being community-focused, with peer-to-peer learning opportunities and plenty of chances to connect. Data scientists and enterprise tech professionals can take either a dip or a deep dive into topics like AI, machine vision, and data science management.

The Open Data Science Conference features hands-on training, networking, and an AI expo and demo hall. This year’s confirmed speakers and instructors include Dan Roth of the University of Pennsylvania and Amazon AWS, Stephanie Molin of Bloomberg, and Meg Kurdziolek of Google.

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Internet of Things World Conference 2023

Date: September 20 to September 21, 2023

Location: Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX (in person and online on demand)

Pricing: TBA

IoT World promises to be a fascinating exploration of the intersectionality of industry and technology. As a highlight, the IoT event is held alongside the AI Summit, Silicon Valley, showcasing a new generation of securely connected environments. This year, the conference returns as Applied Intelligence Live! Expect plenty of conversation around applications that allow enterprises to adapt and thrive in our changing world.

The conference, one of the top Heroku events, is currently listed as in-person, with potential attendees encouraged to register for updates. The line-up includes speakers from BP, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Ford Motor Co., and many more. Attend this event to keep up with emerging technologies and use cases for a wide range of sectors.

QCon London

Date: March 27 to March 29, 2023

Location: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, England (in person and online)

Pricing: Tickets start from £2,070 ($2,517) for in-person and £435 ($529) for online. The earlier you book, the lower the cost.

Since the pandemic canceled many top Heroku events, InfoQ rallied admirably to provide a range of virtual conferences for techies everywhere. In 2022, QCon Plus, a two-week virtual conference, was aimed primarily at software engineers. Topics include modern data pipelines, innovations in machine learning systems, building, and evolving APIs, and resilient architectures.

If you missed QCon Plus, you have an opportunity to attend QCon London in-person or online. Level up on emerging trends, explore various use cases, and learn how to implement the best practices. Past speakers included Tom Crayford, Infrastructure Engineer at Heroku.

How Integrate.io Can Help You Prepare for Top Heroku Events 

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Watch out for Integrate.io’s next virtual event. The Xforce Data Summit was wildly successful and one of the best virtual tech events of 2020. From startups to enterprises, Heroku events offer developer experiences for Heroku teams that help them excel their companies to the next level. You can view live replays to see for yourself.

If you need support collating, integrating, and analyzing your business data using an ETL tool designed for businesses in the modern cloud, get in touch with us and see how we can help transform how you manage your Heroku data.