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Jitterbit provides a core legacy iPaaS offering along with some functionality around API Management and application building. While it boasts a lot of Enterprise features, it can be clunky to use, especially it’s cloud offering.’s cloud-native solution has a strong low-code offering for companies looking to do bi-directional Salesforce integration.

Pros & Cons Summary
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Cloud-native low-code platform built for ease of use
220+ code-free data transformation options
Bidirectional Salesforce connectors for REST and Bulk APIs
No data streaming or trigger-based functionality
Does not have API Management or Enterprise Service Bus offerings
No on-premise offering
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Rich iPaaS feature set
Strong on-premise solution
Wide range of options for working with EDI files
Retrofitted cloud-hosted option
Clunky UI with steep learning curve
Limited low-code data transformation options Features

220+ code-free data transformations

Replicate data in real-time

Ingest from any source with REST API connector

Load to databases, DWH, and business applications

Create dependencies between multiple pipelines

Achieve anything possible on the UI via our API

Generate instant APIs on any of your data sets

Industry-leading support every step of the way

Connect 150+
Data Sources & Destinations
We specialize in building advanced bidirectional connectors
for the leading integrations.
Get Your Data. Use Your Data.
Achieve Your Goals.
What Our Customers Say...
  • Ensure Data Quality
    star star star star star
    "The Platform is a great ETL & Data Transformation Solution! Connecting Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc... has never been easier."
    Meir Gold
    Analytics Manager, Growth
  • Ensure Data Quality
    star star star star star
    Awesome ELT Tool
    No code tool, easy to set up/use, nice schedules, price balance!
    Diego Polo
    Business Intelligence Architect
  • Ensure Data Quality
    star star star star star
    Best Customer Service Ever!
    They have been the best customer service team I have ever worked with from an outside vendor. Always very responsive, and go above and beyond to resolve issues or instruct on the product.
    Matthew Pratt
    Analytics Manager

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