Matthew Delahousaye
DevOps Engineer at Catalina Labs
Industry: Internet
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Company Size: 11-50 Employees


  • Cut down on time and resources being used on data integration efforts.
  • Find a SaaS product that could consolidate data from many databases, software solutions and internal departments without coding or engineering resources.
  • Maintain a flexible data structure that can be changed often and easily.
  • Discover a solution with extreme precision and agility to ensure that the right data was moved to the right place at the right time.


  •’s data integration tool allowed Catalina Labs to seamlessly centralize their data and transform it using the platform’s easy-to-view, easy-to-manipulate layout.


  • allows Catalina Labs to be very particular about the data it transfers and very agile in their data transformations.
  • Catalina Labs can use the centralized database to analyze data from across different company verticals.
  • The engineering team can use to leverage data insights without using engineering resources.
  • Anyone on the Catalina Labs team can push or pull data, no developer required.

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Catalina Labs used’s superior automation, technology and support to transform their data and give their team more internal bandwidth



Catalina Labs is a company that - through their app Wixi - helps people identify and triage issues with their digital lifestyle. By finding solutions to problems like slow-buffering video, dropped video calls and poor internet connection, the app can help make its users’ relationships with technology as smooth and pain-free as they are supposed to be.

Use Case

As an international, multi-faceted company, Catalina Labs has various inputs for data that they work with on a daily basis. They needed a way to fit all of their data sources into a structured, centralized model without overwhelming their engineering resources or entering into the code.’s data integration platform gave them exactly that in a user-friendly, flexible interface.

With we’re able to be very agile and constantly change the way that we massage and source the data that we use for our expert system. The ability to easily choose where data comes from, transform it and its eventual destination has freed up our [...] engineers in order to actually do data science. It allows us to focus on the important things.
Matthew Delahousaye
Matthew Delahousaye
DevOps Engineer at Catalina Labs

Before, Catalina Labs didn’t have access to a single tool that allowed them to transform and organize their data without having to go down to the code level. Working in the code is inherently difficult and time-consuming, and it leaves huge room for error. Having to manipulate it and constantly enter the back-end meant more work for the Catalina Labs DevOps team and that small changes in their data had to be queued behind engineering. It also meant that their data was less organized and less efficient.

With, Catalina Labs was able to overcome these problems and accomplish their goals, using our superior technology, automation and support to transform their data. Specifically, using the tool, they quickly and efficiently transformed, organize and analyzed their data without using engineering resources or manipulating the code. The company’s engineering team can now visualize their data, keep track of their growth number and progress and easily make any changes to their data transformation plans without taking up any unnecessary resources or bandwidth.

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