As always, we work to make the world of data integration, preparation and analytics as easy as possible.

We aim to add new integrations every couple of weeks, often based directly on your feedback and requests, so keep ‘em coming.

Today’s integration is the awesome Asana.

All about Asana.

The Asana platform is a web and mobile app designed to help teams track their work activities. With tasks, projects, conversations and dashboards, Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish.

Why should you pull data out of Asana anyway?

Data resides in many silos: operational data in databases, financial data in dedicated services, support data in ticketing systems, web-related data in Google Analytics or MixPanel or similar services. And project data in Asana.

To really see and understand your business metrics, you need a unified view of all that data, but integrating that data from all those silos is sometimes a formidable task that requires coding. And p.s. - it’s a nightmare to maintain., swoops in as a superhero in the world of ETL, to save you time (which means money) getting all that data into your company’s analytic data store.

Grab data from Asana, as well as your other data sources, and transform and manipulate the data before it gets into your data warehouse. Then just hook your favourite BI tool on top of it to run your dashboards and reporting (check out our integration with visualization tool, Looker).

It’s all about making it happen quickly and effortlessly.

How does integrate with Asana?

The integration is quick and simple using’s API source component.’s API source allows you to pull data from Asana, combine it with other organizational data sources to get a full view of your business activities.’s API source component also supports a slew of other services like Twilio, Hubspot, Stripe, Zendesk and a bunch of others.

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