Jim Rohrer
Software Engineer, Adpeak Inc.
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Location: Florida, USA
Company Size: 1-10 Employees


  • Cost effective big data processing and preparation.
  • Overcoming the knowledge gap using AWS Elastic MapReduce. EMR requires Hadoop management and development skills.
  • Adpeak's team, the majority of whom lacked Hadoop skills, had ongoing bottlenecks when attempting to access, process and filter data into required on-demand reports.


  • Implement the use of's data integration platform, to process and prepare data for analytics, but without the need to install software or code.


  • enabled Adpeak to make data processing more accessible and manageable throughout the organization.
  • Adpeak's team gained immediate, ongoing access to segment important metrics and process reports on a daily and on-demand basis.
  • Streamlined data processing jobs allowed Adpeak to generate better reports and business visibility.
  • Adpeak's data processing spending decreased significantly. Because's data integration platform made it easy for all levels of authorized data personnel to access and run tasks, the need for designated persons or teams with more expensive speciality skills is no longer necessary for these types of processes.

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Adpeak filters and extracts data from 1.5 billion daily impressions using



Adpeak is an ad tech company that specializes in assisting ad networks with display media. Established in 1999, Adpeak is a privately owned company with 10 employees.

Use Case

Data processing and preparation of massive amounts of data on a daily basis with the goal of providing business users a daily snapshot of audience reach and customer usage.

Working with has been a great collaboration for Adpeak. It allowed us to process our entire DB of data (billions of daily impressions!) to be processed incredibly fast increasing our data ROI. Our entire data team now has the ability to easily access the data and generate reports as needed.'s support team is amazing with a near immediate response time and made implementation and setup seamless.
Jim Rohrer
Jim Rohrer
Software Engineer, Adpeak Inc.

Turning Data into Insights

As an ad tech company, Adpeak’s primary need was to analyze billions of data points to determine the effectiveness and success of marketing campaigns. Adpeak’s software engineers were using AWS’ Elastic MapReduce service, but due to the need to code and administer Hadoop infrastructure, specialized skills the team lacked, they ran into a problem. With a quick implementation of, Adpeak had a simple way to crunch large amounts of data on an on-demand basis. The company set up a nightly processing schedule in which all data was exported into simple text files, fed in MySQL and exported again into a custom visualization system they built. Management was then able to use this information to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

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