Keith Slater
Senior Developer at Creative Anvil
Industry: Information Technology & Services
Location: Chesterfield, MO
Company Size: 11-50 Employees


  • Find an integration platform that could consolidate data from many databases, software solutions and data sources without coding or engineering resources.
  • Maintain flexible data structures that can be changed often and easily.
  • Discover a solution that’s easy-to-use and cost-effective.
  • Streamline the integration process to maintain multiple databases at once.


  •’s data integration platform allowed Creative Anvil to seamlessly move and connect all of their clients’ data sources, thereby helping them grow the data side of their business.


  • Creative Anvil can transform, organize, and analyze their customers’ data intuitively and effectively.
  • Anyone on the Creative Anvil team can push or pull data, no developer required.
  • Creative Anvil can efficiently move data from multiple sources into the AWS data warehouse Amazon Redshift.

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User-friendly integrations allow Creative Anvil to transform, organize and analyze their customer data


Creative Anvil is a digital marketing agency that works with companies that have marketing campaigns and customer data stored in a variety of locations across the web. They needed a way to help customers aggregate, visualize, and interpret their data, so they began looking for tools and resources to help streamline this process.

Use Case

Creative Anvil has a unique use case because the company doesn’t just work with one set of data sources and metrics or one business intelligence (BI) dashboard. Instead, they work with multiple clients, each with their own data structures, sources, and locations. Because of this, they needed a solution that would allow them to consistently set up new data sources and start moving the data quickly. This would allow them to meet their clients’ needs, setting up new integrations for them on a monthly basis and helping them stay on top of their data ecosystems.

Before we started with, we were trying to move data from many different data sources into Redshift. has helped us do that quickly and easily. The best feature of the platform is having the ability to manipulate data as needed without the process being overly complex. Also, the support is great - they’re always responsive and willing to help.
Keith Slater
Keith Slater
Senior Developer at Creative Anvil

Before, Creative Anvil couldn’t find a comprehensive answer: they evaluated numerous other integration platforms, but all of the competitors were either too simplistic or overly complex. Similarly, while writing code on their own was an option, they didn’t consider this to be a sustainable solution, as it would require them to maintain it and keep it updated if any of the data sources changed their APIs.

That’s why they turned to provided a flexible way for Creative Anvil to connect multiple data sources to a centralized database in order to serve their current clients and provide bandwidth to scale.

With the platform, Creative Anvil was able to start reporting on their client’s data immediately and successfully. On a larger scale, they were able to integrate many marketing data sources as well as to completely custom data sources. They could also easily set up new data sources and move data from multiple marketing campaign sources - as well as custom databases - into Amazon Redshift, a fast, fully managed data warehouse from Amazon Web Services.

Overall, this has allowed them to grow the data side of their business and serve a broader customer base.

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