Raymond Matos
Director of Ad Technology, Medialets
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Location: New York, NY., USA
Company Size: 51-200 Employees


  • Connect the Medialets API to Amazon Redshift and gathering aggregated results quickly.
  • Get data from MySQL into Redshift to process and move that data again - or copy data from Redshift into RDS.
  • Halt the need for multiple processes to move data between PostgreSQL to and through multiple databases.
  • Lack of time to build a tool from scratch.
  • Other tools required on-premise agents and were too cumbersome, requiring too much maintenance.


  • Implementing's data integration service gave Medialets the ability to quickly move and transform data to and from Amazon Redshift as well as other data stores, such as Amazon RDS.


  • enabled Medialets to quickly and easily move data across multiple data centers on the cloud.
  • Instead of needing resources to deal with infrastructure, Medialets was able to focus on product development.
  • Having immediate access to all the data required allowed the company to easily meet the deadline to deploy their product.
  • Due to the success of the initial project, Medialets implemented on a secondary project rolling up their data from an hourly to a daily summary.

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Medialets is able to meet product release deadlines by implementing’s ETL platform


Medialets is a cross platform for mobile advertising work for brands, agencies, & consumers making mobile campaigns easy to create, deliver, and measure using any creative in any format—standard, video, rich media, or search.

Use Case

Simplify and speed up the ETL process of moving data to and from Amazon Redshift into different databases and, from multiple data structures and data centers.'s user interface was by far better than anything else I'd seen as an ETL solution. Just an intuitive drag and drop. Nothing to install. Once the data pipeline is created, it's simple. has simplified the task of moving data or transforming data from one set to another set.
Raymond Matos
Raymond Matos
Director of Ad Technology at Medialets

Medialets and

Most of the ETL tools and services on the market required an agent both in Amazon and inside the network in their data center but the Medialets team didn’t want an agent inside the system. The time needed to build the box, put the agent in, make sure it worked and continuously update it would essentially be the same amount of time as it would have taken their developers to build it in-house. Since’s application could ‘talk’ to the database by opening a port and providing minimal information, it was the quickest, simplest option to prepare the product and meet the deadline. It was so simple in fact that Medialets expanded the scope of’s usage to other projects.

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