Gain cross-channel visibility and centralize your marketing reporting

Comprehensive analytics allow marketers to improve their strategies, convert their audience, and increase their long-term ROI.

Marketing and Advertising Solutions


Decrease Spending and Overhead

Make analytics an easier, in-house capability to increase internal bandwidth and company-wide efficiency.


Increase Campaign Effectiveness

Use comprehensive data integration and analytics to gain deeper performance insights and improve long-term campaign effectiveness.


Get Real-Time Data Insights

Have all of your important data in one centralized location for up-to-the-minute insights and scalable analytics.

Common Problems in
Advertising Industry


Incomplete Data Implementation

A long-standing issue for marketers and advertisers is that they often work on legacy systems or systems that don’t communicate with one another. This often leads to problems like incomplete data, duplicate data, or out-of-date information.

Open Data Communication
Prevent siloed data and gain comprehensive insights with fully integrated, communicative data sources.
Comprehensive Analytics
Many marketers and advertisers are stuck on data collection, and they just don’t know what to do once they have the information. can help format and understand that data, allowing for big picture understanding and insight.

Ineffective Targeting

The goal of marketing and advertising is to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Smart segmentation and effective targeting can help you accomplish this task, increasing brand loyalty and creating long-term, successful customer relationships.

Smart Segmentation
By allowing you to connect relevant sources - including customer data, advertising data and CRM data - can help you fully understand your audience and target personas. Use this information to create better automations and improve both engagement rates and user experience.
Data Enrichment can integrate your data enrichment tools so that your marketing automations are always up-to-date and your customer information - including email address, phone number and job change - is always complete.
Prolonged Customer Lifecycle
Communication that anticipates needs and exceeds expectations can increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, encouraging repeat purchases and making the lifecycle of each customer much longer.

Underperforming Campaigns

Whether it’s a social media campaign, an email blast, or an on-site promotion, the goal is always to increase traffic, conversions, and ROI. Yet sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, what to focus on, and how to measure results.

Data-Driven Insight
Get big picture, actionable insights from your campaigns and use them to increase conversions and improve your marketing strategies.
Personalized Emails
Emails are one of the most important, consistent forms of communication that you have with your customers. Use your optimized data and segmentations to send highly personalized emails that will improve your click-through rates and increase ROI.
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" has streamlined our process and reduced our costs by making it both more efficient and easier to manage."

David Cox
David Cox
Systems Director
at KeyImpact Sales & Systems

Customer Spotlight saved Brunner time and money by allowing Brunner to get the vital data necessary to accurately analyze what is working (and what isn't) for their clients.

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